Important City Council meeting Tues. 2/27/18

From an email sent by Ralph Dennis, Chair, Progressive Democrats of Benicia  [NOTE: Council agenda and reports can be viewed here.]

Sorry for short notice, but please be advised – important to attend tonight if possible!

An important discussion will take place on Tuesday evening, Feb. 27 at City Council that could impact the focus, content, or direction of the “Five Strategic Goals/Issues” that the City of Benicia adopted a few years ago. Some, perhaps many, of you were involved in those earlier discussions that led to the past City Council’s adoption of the Five Strategic Goals and responsible for the fact that we have them as part of City government.

City Council is in the process of implementing a Priority Based Budgeting process, a tool to identify and prioritize programs and projects, and allocating budget revenues consistent with the priorities established. On Tuesday, February 27th, City Council will discuss a Staff Report that recommends City Council confirm its Five Strategic Goals and their continued use. These five issues are:

  • Protecting Community Health and Safety
  • Protecting and Enhancing the Environment
  • Strengthening Economic and Fiscal Conditions
  • Preserving and Enhancing Infrastructure
  • Maintain and Enhance a high Quality of Life

Concern has been expressed that some Council members, and some community members, who may be less supportive of one or more of these five goals, will use the discussion tomorrow night as a means to change or eliminate one or more of these goals. It is important to remember that these goals are inter-related and dependent upon each other for success. Removal of one, for example, would impact the ability of achieving goals of the others.

A presence at the City Council from those who support these goals would go a long way toward reminding City Council that these Five Strategic Goals, as presently stated, are sufficient for implementation of priority based budgeting at this time. If there is to be a discussion of the Five Goals, it should be done in a forum where the community has adequate notice and the opportunity for input and discussion. Please come to make an appearance if you can. And, note, the meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night, NOT the usual starting time of 7:00.

Ralph E. Dennis
Chair, Progressive Democrats of Benicia


    Benicia High School Students – #NEVERAGAIN

    Benicia stands with Parkland, Florida following tragic school shooting

    North Bay NEVERAGAIN – vigil invitation

    Benicia High School students took to the streets and City Park  on Saturday night – and to Twitter, Instagram and Youtube with heartfelt  sorrow and calls for change following the mass shooting at Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  (Scroll down for video.)

    Benicia High students planned an evening vigil for Saturday, Feb. 24.  Students gathered at Benicia High before dark and walked to City Park.  At the Gazebo, they lit candles and honored those who were killed in Parkland.

    Planners included Carson Rendell, Enaiya Judkins, Grace French, Meghan Barrett , Chloe Bonini, Karah Fisher, Morgan Bundy, Valentina Quintana, and with media & footage, Chris Weldon & Anders Knutstad.

    After the vigil, Chris Weldon wrote:

    We had a good turn out with 90% being students. We wore name tags of those who we lost and that are no longer with us. We’ve lost so many in events like Parkland that we ran out of name tags to write names.

    We walked from the high school to the gazebo holding signs saying “never again” and wore black. We read stories and such of those who were heros in the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas, we read about each of the victims’ lives and what their plans were, we lost many amazing students and staff in Parkland. All will be missed and were honored. We held candles and had a moment of silence in remembrance of those 17 lives and all lives lost in other mass shootings at schools.

    Benicia Students read statements they wrote about the change they would like to see in our country and the steps we as a country need to take. We came together and honored those that we lost and we will continue in the never again movement.

    Weldon and Anders Knutstad posted video footage on YouTube:

    For more, see Twitter: “North Bay|#NEVERAGAIN – @nbayNEVERAGAIN – Students from North Bay, California working towards ending gun violence. We stand in solidarity with the survivors of MSD.  [Link to national: #NeverAgain“]

    And more on Instagram: northbayneveragain “North Bay Never Again –  Students from North Bay, California working towards ending gun violence. We stand in solidarity with the survivors of MSD.  #NeverAgain

    From your Benicia Independent Editor:  Never in Benicia, Never Again!  It’s time for our elected leaders to take long overdue action to limit the senseless slaughter.  See more on the BenIndy here.
    – R.S.


      Progressive Democrats of Benicia: Meeting of March 13, 2018

      Repost from Progressive Democrats of Benicia
      [Editor: The Progressive Dems of Benicia (PDB) have hosted an impressive series of guest speakers.  The March meeting will feature candidate for Governor Delaine Eastin.  Speakers at PDB meetings are not yet endorsed by the group.  Endorsement decisions will be made later this year.  – R.S.]

      Guest speaker: Delaine Eastin, Candidate for California Governor
      Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 7:00 pm
      Benicia Public Library, Dona Benicia Room
      150 East L Street, Benicia, CA

      Our next public meeting will be at the Benicia Library, 150 East L St., in the Dona Benicia Room, on March 13th, at 7:00 p.m. Our featured speaker is Delaine Eastin, 2018 candidate for Governor in California.

      Delaine Eastin, candidate for California Governor

      Delaine is a former California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, following eight years in the State Assembly and six years on the Union City (Alameda County) City Council. In the June 6 Gubernatorial Primary, Delaine’s principal opposition is expected to be: Democrats Gavin Newsom, current Lt. Governor, Antonio Villaraigosa, former mayor of Los Angeles, and John Chiang, current CA State Treasurer; and, Republican candidates Travis Allen, Assemblyman and John Cox, a businessman.

      Delaine is the only woman to have held the office of California State Superintendent of Public Instruction. According to her bio sheet, she was responsible for initiatives which focused on wiring schools for technology and stronger technical/vocational training for students. She also successfully sued the governor for withholding funds from K-12 schools, and joined the successful lawsuit against Proposition 187, which among other things would have used teachers as immigration agents.

      For more information on Delaine, her campaign website is 

      In addition to Delaine as our featured speaker, we will also conduct Club business related to ongoing development of our website and present a draft of our proposed endorsement process for consideration by membership. It’s important for members to participate in these committee discussions to ensure we have sign off from membership on the direction the committees take and as our Club moves forward.  We want and need your thoughts and suggestions, criticism, and support!

      Please SAVE THE DATE and join us for an evening of enlightenment and hope! See you on March 13, Benicia Library, 7:00 p.m!