By Roger Straw
Roger Straw, editor & publisher, The Benicia Independent

Here’s a little history on the BenIndy (as it has come to be known), what it IS and what it IS NOT….

The Benicia Independent appeared online in November, 2007 in response to widely perceived local attacks on the free press when the Benicia Herald editor was fired.

The Benicia Independent is my personal blog. As such, I publish my own take on local, national and international concerns of my choosing.

Since 2007, the BenIndy has championed electoral candidates, kept eyes on the environment, and risen up to speak out for gun control, racial, cultural and gender justice, immigration reform and more.  The Independent played a major role in stopping Valero Benicia Refinery’s dangerous and dirty crude by rail proposal .

The Benicia Independent is not and does not present itself as a mainstream news medium with “balanced” coverage and a staff of reporters who interview and investigate.  In my blog postings I hold to ethical standards, citing my sources and maintaining truthfulness and courtesy.

Occasionally, the Benicia Independent posts legitimate breaking news stories.  This function is increasingly important given the cutbacks in staffing and coverage at our local newspapers, the Benicia Herald and the Vallejo Times-Herald.

The Benicia Independent is not a social media forum like Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor or Benicia Happenings.  The care and feeding of an online community is beyond my reserves of time and energy.

In addition to the blog, a Benicia Independent newsletter goes out to over 1000 subscribers on an occasional basis.  Subscribe here.

For safe and healthy communities…