CORRECTION: Solano County discloses 500 previously unreported COVID hospitalizations (not 1,000)

By Roger Straw, September 12, 2021

Mathematical error in previous BenIndy update

The whopping increase in hospitalizations reported by Solano County on Friday was indeed unprecedented.  But I regret having made a mathematical error.  When adding the new numbers, I inadvertently doubled the total.

The County actually added 505 previously unreported COVID hospitalizations, not 1,000 as reported here yesterday.  See details in the table and chart below.

Note that these new numbers cannot possibly be all NEW hospitalizations.  The County has on a number of occasions gone back and retroactively updated its COVID data.  I’m reasonably sure that is what happened Friday.  The huge increase is still highly significant for tracking the disease in our county.

TOTAL hospitalizations since the outbreak started as reported in Solano County on Friday, September 10:

Click image for larger view.