Kari Birdseye letters

The Benicia Independent joins these enthusiastic supporters in endorsing Kari Birdseye for Benicia City Council.  More about Kari.

11/3/2018 Judith Sullivan
The One Candidate who stands out
and 11/1/2018
Kathy Kerridge
Kari Birdseye for City Council
and 11/1/2018
Jan Cox Golovich
Kari Birdseye for transparent & honest local government
and 11/1/2018
Gigi Giblin
For the health of our community – Kari Birdseye
10/30/2018 Nikki Basch Davis
Benicia has been “taken hostage”
10/26/2018 Roger Straw
Rocky journey through this local election
10/26/2018 Dan Smith
Buckets of money
10/25/2018 Marilyn Bardet
This election is about Valero
10/25/2018 C. Bart Sullivan
Dark money
[Note errors: the dark money has NOT been run through candidates’ campaigns.]
10/21/2018 Nikki Basch Davis
No need for name calling
10/21/2018 Lisa Reinertson
The Inconvenient Truth in Benicia
10/21/2018 Vicki Byrum Dennis
An Artist for Kari Birdseye
10/21/2018 Larnie Fox
Questioning Largaespada for Benicia City Council
10/21/2018 Andres Soto
Benicia deserves better
10/19/2018 Jan Cox-Golovich
Unprecedented special interests
10/13/2018 Constance Beutel
Kari Birdseye – courage, heart and commitment
10/13/2018 Roger Straw
City Records show Valero, others pooling 104,200 for negative ads
10/12/2018 Roger Straw
My Life in Perspective, Climate Change and This Election
10/7/2018 Bob Berman
Valero trying to influence our election
10/7/2018 Mayor Elizabeth Patterson
Water questions for candidates
10/7/2018 Roger Straw
Valero should be ashamed and called out
10/6/2018 Susan Street
Valero undermining our democratic process
10/4/2018 Larnie Fox
Why vote for Kari Birdseye?
10/3/2018 Craig Snider
A few thoughts on endorsements
9/30/2018 Nikki Basch Davis
A clear choice for health
9/28/2018 Constance Beutel
I’m voting for Kari Birdseye
9/28/2018 Elaine Eisner
Informed, talented, experienced
9/28/2018 June Mejias
Kari Birdseye dedicated and experienced
9/26/2018 Susan Street
Misleading poll calls
9/23/2018 Steve Young
Outside corporations interfering
9/21/2018 Monica Brown
Birdseye for Council
9/9/2018 Pat Toth-Smith
Birdseye puts safety first

    For safe and healthy communities…