Mark & Nathalie Christian: Who’s Afraid of Kari Birdseye?

Kari is targeted for a reason – she puts Benicians first

By Nathalie and Mark Christian, August 26, 2022

Nathalie and Mark Christian, Benicia

As Benician residents and working parents, we’re voting for Kari Birdseye for City Council this fall.

But first, did you know that Benicia’s elections are being influenced by an out-of-state corporation that was recently caught in a toxic emissions scandal impacting our air quality and our community’s health?

It’s Valero, of course—the $46B mega-corp that owns the refinery. For years, Valero has spent big to influence voters, hiding behind their “Working Families” PAC to avoid attention. Through this misleadingly named PAC, Valero has tried to take down anyone they consider a threat, including current City Council candidate Kari Birdseye, who was the target of their negative campaign tactics when she ran in 2018.

We believe Kari was targeted for a reason: Valero is afraid of her, and still is, judging by the amount of money they plan to spend on this election ($230,000, or ~$8 for every resident).

And Kari should scare anyone who doesn’t put Benicians first (it’s hard to see a company that secretly dumps pollutants in our air in amounts thousands of times higher than legal for years, then seems to resent that we’re upset about it, as putting Benicians first).

Kari’s 8+ years on our City’s Planning Commission, professional background in PR and journalism, credentials as an environmentalist, and commitment to not accept money from special interest groups show that she’ll be a public servant who centers the health, safety, and happiness of all Benicians first—no exceptions.

In fact, Kari has long worked—as a volunteer and activist—to make Benicia a thriving home for everyone from remote and commuting professionals to small business owners, artists, teachers, retirees, public servants, and even refinery staff. They also deserve to have someone like Kari protecting their health today and Benicia’s economic prospects tomorrow, when green initiatives bring massive new investments and revenue to Benicia.

Kari carries this town and its residents’ best interests deep in her heart, and will be a strong, independent, and compassionate voice and vote on City Council for both this most recent scandal from Valero and any other challenges Benicia may face.

Kari is in our corner, and we are there with her, inviting you to add our voices to the groundswell of Benicians hoping for compassionate leadership in this amazing town we are all so lucky to consider home.

Nathalie and Mark Christian

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