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Richard Flynn: Kari Birdseye will represent the interests of the people

Independence from interested corporations is an important check and balance on power.

By Richard Flynn, October 26, 2022

Richard Flynn, Benicia CA

This election, I’m supporting Kari Birdseye for City Council. Like other folks have mentioned, I too have found the connections of some other candidates to Valero troubling. I believe they are all decent people and I know the city’s relationship with the company is complex, but I feel more confident that Ms. Birdseye will represent the interests of the people. And I feel she has already demonstrated this as Chair of our Planning Commission.

The fact that the company is spending money to influence our election tells me that they believe the other candidates will better represent their interests. Personally I think independence from such interested corporations is an important check and balance on power, since few of us as individual voters have a spare $200,000 to help our vote.

Having spent decades working on environmental cleanup projects all over California and in states like New Jersey, Colorado, the US Virgin Islands and Canada, my view is that while we have it pretty good here in Benicia, we need to work to keep it that way. I believe a vote for Kari is a step in the right direction.

Richard Flynn
Benicia, CA

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Assemblywoman Lori Wilson Endorses Kari Birdseye for Benicia City Council

Wilson joins a list of elected and city leaders in support of the current Chair of Benicia’s Planning Commission

Birdseye 2022 media advisory, October 21, 2022

Lori Wilson, California Assemblywoman representing District 11, including Benicia

(Solano County) – Lori Wilson, California Assemblywoman representing District 11, including Benicia, shared her endorsement of Benicia City Council Candidate Kari Birdseye at a meeting of the Progressive Democrats of Benicia yesterday.

“I’m endorsing Kari Birdseye because I know she places community service first and has the track record to prove it,” said Assemblywoman Lori Wilson. “Benicia deserves smart, independent thinkers like Kari Birdseye.”

Assemblywoman Wilson is also running in this election to remain our Assembly representative in Sacramento. She replaced Jim Frazier after he stepped down and she won a special election.

Assemblywoman Wilson’s endorsement joins a list of elected officials who support the longtime Chair of Benicia’s Planning Commission. U.S. Representative John Garamendi and Solano County Supervisor Monica Brown, representing Benicia and parts of Vallejo, were both early supporters of Ms. Birdseye’s candidacy.

“Smart women endorse smart women,” said Candidate Birdseye. “I’m honored to have garnered the trust and support of so many elected and community leaders who place a priority on community service and the health and safety of our residents.”

Benicia’s Mayor Steve Young and Vice Mayor Tom Campbell also support Birdseye’s run for the leadership seat. “Kari is among the most qualified people we have ever had run for this position” said Mayor Young. “I trust Kari to make the right decisions for our community over the next four years.”

Other community leaders who support her candidacy include former Benicia Mayor Elizabeth Patterson and Vice Chair of Benicia’s Planning Commission Terry Mollica. Birdseye also has the endorsement of the Solano County Democrats and local Democratic clubs. For more information and endorsement information visit https://karibirdseyeforbenicia.com/endorsements/.

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Marilyn Bardet: Tough Development Issues

Kari Birdseye and Terry Scott, both proven community leaders

By Marilyn Bardet, October 23, 2022

Marilyn Bardet, Benicia CA

Over my 35 years as a resident in Benicia, I’ve addressed many city councils on tough development issues, and I know it’s time for real change.

For Benicia, persistent issues of sustainability haunt my thoughts about the future and fate of the quality of life in our historic town. This year, in keeping with community values enshrined in our city’s forward-looking general plan, I will be voting for Kari Birdseye and Terry Scott, both proven community leaders, whose distinct experiences and and fresh ideas will inform and invigorate council debates, inspire public involvement, and lead toward decision-making that fairly and transparently aims for “the good of the whole”, not least, the environment.

Right now, owing to state laws and regional requirements, more and more housing development is being called for.

But will such housing be affordable? Who will really benefit? Who will pay the price? Where is new housing most appropriate to be located? How much more housing is sustainable, all things considered?

So much hangs on getting things right, proactively, anticipating a different future, since there’s no more time to waste preparing our city for predicted basic changes — owing to climate impacts and persistent drought— which conjure the urgent need for workable, feasible solutions with public understanding and buy-in.

I trust Kari and Terry to each be thoughtful leaders who will take reasoned, evidence-based action:

    • to improve air quality by reckoning with sources of pollution;
    • ensure water-saving and eco-friendly conservation;
    • preserve our precious historic resources as our legacy;
    • and seek diverse opportunities for economic development with attention to reducing our carbon footprint.

For all these reasons and more, please join me in voting for Kari Birdseye and Terry Scott!

Marilyn Bardet
Benicia, CA

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Ralph Dennis: Support for Benicia Seniors and Clean Air and Water

Birdseye for City Council

By Ralph Dennis, October 23, 2022

Ralph Dennis, Benicia CA

I support Kari Birdseye for City Council and urge all Benicia voters to do so as well. Kari has the knowledge and experience to help lead Benicia and our City Council as our community faces many difficult issues ahead.

One of Kari’s greatest strengths is her willingness to seek input from others. She has demonstrated this important trait while volunteering in the community over many years and especially as a member of Benicia’s Planning Commission which she has chaired the past 7 years. Most importantly, she seeks this input to learn while forming her opinions on issues, not to validate her own thoughts or respond only after the community asks to be heard – a trait lacking in the incumbent candidates running for re-election.

As Planning Commissioner since 2015, Kari has demonstrated careful consideration of the projects and issues that have come before the Commission, which has prepared her well to serve as a Councilmember. Her skills were especially evident during discussions on the proposed Crude by Rail Project and currently in addressing Benicia’s compliance with its state-mandated Housing Element report.

I am especially supportive of two of Kari’s campaign priorities –

    • creating a Benicia Senior Citizens Commission
    • and Clean Air and Clean Water for Benicia.

During a Candidate’s Forum at Rancho Benicia, Kari suggested a Senior Commission to address Seniors’ concerns and “could include representatives from Rancho Benicia, Senior Center, Carquinez Village, Casa de Vilarrasa, and others,” and a Councilmember as advocate from Council.

Kari also pledges to expand air monitoring in Benicia to be more effective and placed strategically to fill loopholes in the existing local air monitor program. Fines that Valero will be paying for 17 years-worth of failure to report emissions would fund the additional monitoring.

I urge all Benicia voters to elect Kari Birdseye for Benicia City Council.

Ralph Dennis
Benicia, CA

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