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Petition to allow retail cannabis in Benicia is underway –

From, June 6, 2019
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Support Safe, Local Access to Cannabis!

We are a group of Benicia citizens upset about the way in which the City of Benicia has handled the cannabis issue.

63% of us voted for Prop. 64 which legalized adult use, and 76% of us voted for Measure E which allowed for the collection of extra taxes from cannabis businesses.

The Benicia City Council , proceeded slowly and carefully, holding more than 18 meetings regarding marijuana dispensaries in Benicia.

In 2017, the Benicia City Council approved a program allowing for two dispensaries in Benicia.

The City of Benicia solicited Requests for Proposals to apply for two retail licenses.

After 8 companies made $20,000, non-refundable deposits to the City of Benicia for processing their applications the Benicia City Council decided, to ban retail cannabis dispensaries and pull the rug out from under these businesses who were still waiting, months later, for an answer on their applications.

Enough is enough!

We are gathering signatures on a petition to submit to the Benicia City Council for their June 18 meeting, and for that we need your help. The petition calls for both the approval of two dispensaries as originally planned, but also calls for any of the Measure E tax revenue going to the City from these businesses to be spent only on repairing our streets.

Pot for Potholes!

Although we have been offered help by the applicants in circulation of these petitions, we have declined their offer.

Only Benicia citizens are involved in this effort.

Please consider signing the petition and otherwise assisting in this grass roots effort.

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    Valero increased Canadian tar sands oil trains to and from Gulf Coast in 2018

    Repost from S&P Global Platts
    [Editor: You can be sure that if Benicia hadn’t succeeded in stopping Valero Crude By Rail in 2016, we would be seeing these monstrous oil trains every day now.  Many thanks to all who contributed to our David & Goliath effort!  NOTE: “USGC” in this story refers to the US Gulf Coast.  – R.S.]

    Valero looks north to replace Venezuelan heavy crude

    By Janet McGurty and Keiron Greenhalgh, 31 Jan 2019, 22:04 UTC

    New York — Valero Energy increased the volume of heavy Canadian crude processed in its refining system in the fourth quarter of 2018, including crude arriving by rail, a trend that is likely to continue as recent sanctions cut into shipments from Venezuela.

    Valero CEO Joe Gorder said the company needs to replace Venezuelan crude at two of its US Gulf Coast refineries – the 215,000 b/d St. Charles facility in eastern Louisiana and the 335,000 b/d Port Arthur, Texas, complex.

    Valero’s systemwide heavy crude throughput was 445,000 b/d in Q4 out of 3.0 million b/d overall. About 20% of that was from Venezuela, Gorder said on the Q4 results call.

    Valero imported about 50,000 b/d of heavy Canadian crude in October for its USGC system, compared with 126,000 b/d of Venezuelan crude, US Energy Information Administration data showed.

    “We did 43,000 b/d of heavy Canadian by rail in Port Arthur [in Q4] and those were very discounted barrels,” said Gorder. Continue reading Valero increased Canadian tar sands oil trains to and from Gulf Coast in 2018


      Important Benicia City Council meeting this Tuesday Nov. 20

      By Roger Straw, Monday, November 19, 2018
      [Editor:  Highly recommended: Mayor Patterson’s Air monitors and public health – Council agenda for Tuesday.  Also, see Kathy Kerridge’s  invitation to this meeting.  – R.S.]

      Valero and City staff report on air monitor progress required by ISO denial

      You may want to attend the Benicia City Council meeting this Tuesday evening, November 20, or watch it on Benicia TV.

      Last June, City Council chose NOT to review a draft Industrial Safety Ordinance (ISO) prepared by a local citizen activist Working Group.  However, the presentation and discussion at Council that night highlighted a unanimous concern that Benicia needs better air quality monitors and better communication between Valero refinery and the City.

      At the end of the Council’s discussion last June, Council members Campbell and Schwartzman demanded that Valero install certain air monitors and undertake improved communications with the City in six months, OR ELSE.  Or else, that  is, they would vote in favor of an ISO to better protect the interests of the City.

      Well, the six months has passed, and this Tuesday City Council will hear reports and discuss progress made – or not made.  As always, public comments, written or spoken, are welcome.  (See “Where to write…”)

      IMPORTANT PREPARATION MATERIALS: see the Nov. 20 staff report and attachments here, beginning on p. 6 of the agenda.

      City Council will meet at 7 pm on Tuesday November 20 in chambers at City Hall, 250 East L Street.  The meeting will be broadcast live on your tv at home on Comcast channel 27 or AT&T U-Verse channel 99 or via live streaming on your computer at Benicia TV,