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Benicia ISO in a nutshell

Benicia needs an Industrial Safety Ordinance – 3 important points to be made

By Roger Straw

1.  We don’t know what is in the air, and we have asthma rates three times the state average. We need air monitors NOW, and state/regional regulations will be slow in coming.

2. ISO is budget neutral for the City.

3.  We need the experts that an ISO will provide, participating as equals at the table reviewing documents and regulations on our behalf.

Check out our ISO page for way more information.  And show up at City Council on June 19th!  And please write to the news media, social media, and/or City Council members – contacts listed here.

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Benicia City Council to discuss Industrial Safety Ordinance on June 19

A Year Later, ISO is on Council’s agenda

By Roger Straw, May 13, 2018

Almost exactly a year ago (on 05/23/17), Benicia Mayor Elizabeth Patterson succeeded in requesting that Council direct staff to agendize future Council discussion of drafting and adopting a community Industrial Safety Ordinance.  The Council voted 4-1 to approve and calendar further discussion.

This was the first step in Benicia’s cumbersome 2-step process for a Councilmember or Mayor to agendize a new topic.

Well, it has taken a year, but the good news is that this item will finally come up on the June 19, 2018 Council agendaMark your calendar and plan to attend!
AND/OR… write! 
 (click here for info on where to write)

Here are the relevant documents from May of 2017:

For much more, see Benicia Independent’s ISO Page (letters from concerned Benicians, original documents, video and much more).

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Important City Council meeting Tues. 2/27/18

From an email sent by Ralph Dennis, Chair, Progressive Democrats of Benicia  [NOTE: Council agenda and reports can be viewed here.]

Sorry for short notice, but please be advised – important to attend tonight if possible!

An important discussion will take place on Tuesday evening, Feb. 27 at City Council that could impact the focus, content, or direction of the “Five Strategic Goals/Issues” that the City of Benicia adopted a few years ago. Some, perhaps many, of you were involved in those earlier discussions that led to the past City Council’s adoption of the Five Strategic Goals and responsible for the fact that we have them as part of City government.

City Council is in the process of implementing a Priority Based Budgeting process, a tool to identify and prioritize programs and projects, and allocating budget revenues consistent with the priorities established. On Tuesday, February 27th, City Council will discuss a Staff Report that recommends City Council confirm its Five Strategic Goals and their continued use. These five issues are:

  • Protecting Community Health and Safety
  • Protecting and Enhancing the Environment
  • Strengthening Economic and Fiscal Conditions
  • Preserving and Enhancing Infrastructure
  • Maintain and Enhance a high Quality of Life

Concern has been expressed that some Council members, and some community members, who may be less supportive of one or more of these five goals, will use the discussion tomorrow night as a means to change or eliminate one or more of these goals. It is important to remember that these goals are inter-related and dependent upon each other for success. Removal of one, for example, would impact the ability of achieving goals of the others.

A presence at the City Council from those who support these goals would go a long way toward reminding City Council that these Five Strategic Goals, as presently stated, are sufficient for implementation of priority based budgeting at this time. If there is to be a discussion of the Five Goals, it should be done in a forum where the community has adequate notice and the opportunity for input and discussion. Please come to make an appearance if you can. And, note, the meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night, NOT the usual starting time of 7:00.

Ralph E. Dennis
Chair, Progressive Democrats of Benicia

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