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Benicia City Council: Hughes & Schwartzman not running, Birdseye official

City Clerk posts only 3 candidates for City Council at deadline

At close of business on Friday, August 10, City Clerk Lisa Wolfe listed only three candidates who filed to run for the two open seats on Benicia’s City Council in November’s election.

Rumors had been circulating that both incumbents had decided against running again.  But until Friday, no one was sure.  Now it’s certain: Councilmembers Mark Hughes and Alan Schwartzman will not run.  City Council will definitely have a different look after this November’s election – including at least one more woman.

Both Christina Strawbridge and Lionel Largaespada declared as candidates soon after their defeat in the 2016 election that they would run again in 2018.  Both have filed and are in the race.

Kari Birdseye, candidate for Benicia City Council

The new face on the ballot will be Planning Commission chair Kari Birdseye.  Kari  has a long history of community service and excellent credentials – she will be a breath of fresh air on our City Council.  I take this  opportunity to endorse her 100%, and to send you to her website and her Facebook page.


    LETTER SERIES: Beverly Edmonds – Follow the money; Steve Young keeps it local

    [Editor: Benicians are expressing themselves in letters to the editor of our local print newspaper, the Benicia Herald. But the Herald doesn’t publish letters in its online editions – and many Benician’s don’t subscribe. We are posting certain letters here for wider distribution. (This letter also appeared in the Vallejo Times-Herald print edition on November 6.)  – RS]

    Follow the money – Steve Young keeps it local

    By Beverly Edmonds
    October 23, 2016
    Beverly Edmonds
    Beverly Edmonds

    Do you think it matters, who contributes to the different candidates running for office here in Benicia? If you are like me, you want to know where the money is coming from.

    You might find it interesting to know that, according to the latest official filings, while Steve Young has received almost 90 percent of his donations from local, individual Benicians, his opponents, Christina Strawbridge and Lionel Largaspaeda, have received nearly half of their contributions from unions, PACs and/or people who do not live here.

    Personally, I want my councilmember representing the grassroots community, not the special interests. If you agree, vote for Steve!

    Beverly Edmonds, Benicia