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City of Benicia belatedly notifies public of opposition documents received on September 20

By Roger Straw, October 4, 2016

benicia_logoThe City of Benicia sent out notice today of postings on its website of materials submitted by the law firm Adams Broadwell Joseph & Cardozo on September 20. The 34-page Adams Broadwell letter outlines a rebuttal of Valero’s attack on the facts and credibility of expert Phyllis Fox.

Note that the Adams Broadwell letter is labeled on the City’s website with date 9-21-16, but that the letter was sent on 9-20. I believe (but am not sure as of this writing) that the letter was in fact received on 9/20 and hard copies were made available to Council members (and the public?) prior to the Council meeting.

Note that a link is provided below for only the Adams Broadwell letter – a huge download, be patient.  The other docs can be found on the city’s website here.

Exhibits to SAFER California September 20, 2016 Letter

  • Adams_Broadwell_Joseph__Cardozo_Letter_9-21-16.pdf
  • Gordon_Schremp_Trends_in_Sources_of_Crude_Oil_2014_IEPR_Workshop_California_Petroleum_Overview__Background_Jun1.pdf
  • FEIR_Comment_B10-
  • Classification_and_Hazard_Communication_Provisions_for_Crude_Oil__Bakken_Crude_Oil_Dat1.pdf
  • Survey-of-Crude-Oil-Characteristics.pdf
  • North_Dakota_Petroleum_Council_Bakken_Crude_Quality_Assurance_Study.pdf
  • Analysis_of_Crude_From_North_Dakota_Raises_Further_Questions_About_Rail_Transportation.pdf
  • SJVAPCD_2007_Area_Source_Emission_Inventory_Methodology_310_-_Oil_Production_Fugitive_Losses.pdf
  • Preferred_and_Alternative_Methods_for_Estimating_Air_Emissions_from_Wastewater_Collection_and_Treatment_Final_Repo1.pdf
  • why-bitumen-isnt-nec.pdf
  • Transporting_Tar_Sands_As_Dangerous_as_Shale_Oil.pdf
  • EcoWatch_Yet_Another_Oil_Bomb_Train_Explosion_Marks_Fourth_Derailment_in_Four_Weeks.pdf
  • Haralampos_Tsaprailis_Properties_of_Dilbit_and_Conventional_Crude_Oil_February_2014.pdf
  • ChristinaLake-Railbit-MSDS.pdf
  • Cenovas_Heavy_Crude_OilDiluent_Mix_Flash_Point_-35_C_.pdf
  • MEG_Energy_Dilbit_.pdf
  • A_Dilbit_Primer_How_Its_Different_from_Conventional_Oil_Inside_Climate_News.pdf
  • The_Dilbit_Disaster_Inside_the_Biggest_Oil_Spill_Youve_Never_Heard_Of.pdf
  • The_Dilbit_Disaster_-_Part_1.pdf
  • Application_Enbridge_Superior_Terminal_Expansion_Application_2012.pdf
  • The_Dilbit_Diaster_-_Part_2.pdf
  • The_Dilbit_Diaster__-_Part_3.pdf
  • Application_Plains_7-21-15.pdf
  • NOV_Bakersfield_Crude_Terminal_5-4-15.pdf
  • Yuhuang_CAA_Title_V_Petition_Signed_Order_August_31_2016.pdf

    AUBURN CALIFORNIA: No to proposal that would bring oil through Auburn

    Repost from the Auburn Journal

    Another View: No to proposal that would bring oil through Auburn

    By: Rosalie Wohlfromm / Guest Columnist

    Rosalie WohlfrommDo you remember back in 2013, when there was a train derailment carrying crude oil in Lac-Megantic, Quebec? That incident resulted in a fiery explosion and caused the death of 47 people.

    It has been reported that crude oil from North Dakota and Canada into California would be expected to rise from just 1 percent of total oil imports in 2013 to 25 percent by 2016, according to state energy officials.

    This oil would travel by rail through densely populated areas to refineries on the coast. One of these routes is right through our town of Auburn.  We could see trains pulling 100 oil tanker cars going past our homes, schools and parks.

    Since 2013, we have heard of numerous derailments causing evacuations of citizens from their homes. One of the latest was last February in Lynchburg, Virginia. It is now known that the cause of the derailment was  a broken rail, which was missed in two previous inspections.

    Oil giant Valero wants to build a massive terminal for oil trains at its Benicia refinery. Union Pacific runs from Reno via Donner Pass, a dangerous route that, according to the Environmental Impact Report for Valero Crude by Rail Project, has only 3.5 percent of Class 4 or 5 track, the quality deemed by the U.S. Dept of Transportation necessary to support daily travel of extremely heavy unit trains made up of over 100 tank cars loaded with crude oil.

    The City of Benicia is currently in the process of approving or rejecting the Valero Refinery’s proposed CBR project, which would permit Union Pacific to haul crude oil through Auburn.  If this project is approved, Auburn could see oil trains loaded with highly flammable oil from North Dakota running right through our town on their way to Benicia. I ask you to remember what happened in Lynchburg. That could happen here.

    Concerned citizens of Benicia are asking for those of us along the rail lines to call or write the City of Benicia City Manager, Brad Kilger, 250 E.L. Street, Benicia CA 94510 or e-mail Planner Amy Million at   Please submit your comments by 5pm on Oct. 30.

      Winners of first Benicia Eco Award announced

      Repost from the Vallejo Times Herald

      Winners of first Benicia Eco Award announced

      By Times-Herald staff report, 07/28/15, 1:09 pm PDT; UPDATED 08/05/15
      Constance Beutel and Benicia Mayor Elizabeth Patterson. COURTESY PHOTO

      Benicia >> A reception was held at the Benicia City Hall courtyard before the City Council meeting on July 21 to celebrate the accomplishments of the first Eco-Award winners. They were presented to the City Council afterward.

      A resident and a business were selected in each category: energy reduction and renewable energy, water efficiency and conservation, recycling and trash reduction. A non-profit/community-based organization was also chosen as an overall winner.

      The seven winners received a $100 gift certificate to First Street Café and a recycled glass trophy designed by Lindsay Art Glass of Benicia as well as a certificate signed by Mayor Patterson.

      The Benicia Eco Award, by Lindsay Art Glass. COURTESY PHOTO

      The winners are as follow:

      • Residents: Constance Beutel for energy reduction and renewable energy; Steve and Marty Young for water efficiency and conservation; and Mary Lou and John McVeigh for recycling and trash reduction.
      • Business: Ponder Environmental Services, Inc. for energy reduction and renewable energy; Pedrotti Ace Hardware for water efficiency and conservation; and Ruszel Woodworks for recycling and trash reduction.
      • Community-based or non-profit organization: Benicia Community Gardens.

      The event was a “Zero Waste” event, meaning there was no trash from the event. All food scraps went to John & Mary Lou’s chickens, real dishes and utensils eliminated any paper or plastic waste, and the cups were recycled. The napkins were composted. Real fruit flavored water hydration stations were provided so no water bottles or sodas were needed.

      The program is sponsored by the Green Umbrella group, a coalition of Benicia organizations and individuals dedicated to working together with a focus on environmentalism and sustainability. The group’s work is funded by a grant from the Community Sustainability Commission with support from Arts Benicia and the City of Benicia. Awards are sponsored by Marin Clean Energy, WattzOn, and Republic Services.