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Trump Trashes Oil Train Rules – Safety rolls on archaic rail brakes

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Trump Trashes Oil Train Safety Rules

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Trump Trashes Oil Train Safety Rules, Wolverton, Battle Ground, WA

CARTOON: Trump Trashes Oil Train Safety Rules. Posted by a guest contributor … (link)

Safety rolls on archaic rail brakes

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If you live … you probably do not want to look at the map the environmental organization keeps on its website.

…Last week, while everyone was watching the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Trump administration reversed another Obama-era regulation intended to protect the people who live along the nation’s rail corridors and the environment….  (continued)

    Washington Gov. Inslee on Trump admin roll back of oil train safety rule

    Repost of press release by Washington Governor Jay Inslee

    Inslee statement on Trump administration’s decision to roll back crucial oil train safety regulation

    September 25, 2018

    “Today, the Trump administration repealed a crucial oil train safety regulation which will increase the risk posed by oil train derailments. We know all too well the horrific damage and potential loss of life that could result from the greater numbers of trains carrying crude oil through Washington and along the Columbia River. Today’s news signifies a reckless disregard for the life and property of all who live or work along the rail tracks that transport volatile Bakken crude oil.
    “The Obama administration proposed thoughtful electronic braking system requirements that would help keep trains from speeding off the tracks. It is incomprehensible why this administration would pursue a biased cost-benefit analysis to make a case that this safety measure is too expensive and then dismiss such a common sense measure from further consideration. I fear the day we witness a destructive or deadly derailment that could have been prevented with readily available technology.
    “This is yet one more example where this administration has abandoned its responsibility to protect our communities and left it to states to handle. We will continue to do all we can to ensure our communities are prepared and ready to respond, if necessary, and I will continue to lean on our federal partners to do the right thing and put the safety of our communities over the profits of the oil industry.”
    Inslee has been advocating for stronger oil train safety measures for years. He issued a directive in 2014 directing various state agencies to conduct risk analyses and develop response plans in coordination with state and provincial partners, and has worked with legislators to implement additional inspection, safety and notification requirements. Inslee met with federal officials in June 2014 following a derailment in Mosier, Oregon, and sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Transportation and wrote an op-ed in 2016 pleading with federal officials to pursue numerous actions, including phasing out outdated tank cars, requiring lower speeds in populated areas and implementing electronic braking requirements.
    The Trump administration late last year dealt another blow to efforts to improve oil train safety when it issued a decision to withdraw sleep/fatigue rules for railroad employees.
    Media Contact

    Jaime Smith
    Governor Inslee’s Communications Office

      Trump Admin: Safer Brakes on Speeding Oil Trains–Who Needs ‘Em?

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      [Editor: See details in The HillFortune, and Buzzfeed 

      …  and background here on the Benicia Independent: Positive Train Control and Crude By Rail ARCHIVE  – R.S.]

      SUMMARY: Trump rolls back oil train safety rule

      Crude oil unit train, Davis, CA

      The Trump administration on Monday moved to roll back an Obama-era safety rule mandating that oil trains carrying crude oil install more sophisticated brakes.

      The Department of Transportation’s Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration said that it found the cost of installing electronically controlled pneumatic brake systems, which reduce the risk of car derailment, would be higher than the safety benefits it delivers.

      This mimics claims from the railroad industry, which has said that installing electronic breaks on oil rail cars would cost $3 billion.

      Around 20 derailments, including accidents with fatalities, have occurred since 2010, in part due to increased train traffic due to a boost in oil production. (Details at The HillFortuneBuzzfeed.)