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Benicians debate Rep. Mike Thompson’s views on assault weapons

February 21, 2018
[Editor: UPDATE: See how Thompson’s views have changed:  He now says that “military grade automatic and semi-automatic assault weapons “do not belong in the hands of citizens.”   – RS]

PREVIOUSLY POSTED MATERIAL from a Facebook page has been removed at the request of a member of the PRIVATE  Facebook group, Benicia Indivisible For Justice.   Material removed showed a lengthy debate on Rep. Thompson’s views on assault weapons.  Contact Mike here.

    An exploding gun control movement! THREE GREAT RESOURCES

    February 21, 2018

    Maybe THIS TIME, we will make the difference.  Here are some links to efforts to create a strong and effective movement for gun control legislation.  – RS, Editor – 7 Actions You Can Take to Prevent Gun Violence

    Every day, 96 Americans are killed with guns. We’re counting on supporters like you to take action that will help us pass common-sense laws and implement policies that will save lives.  [MORE] – National campaign to elect only candidates who do NOT take money from the NRA was created for the sole purpose of telling candidates they must reject and denounce the NRA or they don’t get our votes. The simplicity of Grover Norquist’s No New Tax pledge but used for good not evil.  Time to make the NRA radioactive.

    • CANDIDATE PLEDGE: A Pledge By Elected Officials and Candidates that they will not take NRA money nor tout NRA ranking but will pursue common sense gun laws.
    • VOTER PLEDGE: A Pledge by Individuals to oppose any candidate for any office who takes NRA money or touts a favorable rating by the NRA.

    Washington Post: Have your representatives in Congress received donations from the NRA?

    Click here, then click on your state

    Since 1998, the National Rifle Association has donated at least $4.1 million to current members of Congress. Explore below to see how much money has been donated to members of Congress in your state.

    Click to go to Washington Post. Then click on your state.

    For LOCAL March For Our Lives information, see Vallejo-Benicia Indivisible on Facebook, or go to March For Our Lives on Facebook, or check out Everytown above.

      Three excellent responses to the school shootings in Florida

      Florida School Shooting – 14 Feb 2018

      Editor – This simply can’t continue.   – R.S.

      Florida school shooting: These lawmakers call for gun control … – USA Today

      Feb 24, 2018 – Here are the lawmakers calling for gun control in the wake of Florida shooting. … Several lawmakers called for gun control on Wednesday, in the wake of a shooting that left at least 17 people dead at a Florida high school. … As for Florida’s own senators, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla …

      Trump’s Budget Cuts Millions Of Dollars From Gun Background Check System … – Huffington Post

      Feb 14, 2018 – This would “significantly undermine” efforts to keep firearms out of dangerous hands, gun control advocates say. … The National Rifle Association spent tens of millions of dollars helping to elect Donald Trump. … WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump’s newly unveiled budget would cut …

      Seth Moulton says Trump should ‘get off his ass … – The Boston Globe

      Feb 24, 2018 – US Representative Seth Moulton tweeted that President Trump should “get off his ass” when it comes to gun control after 17 people were killed in Florida.

        For safe and healthy communities…