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Earth Day: Tell Big Oil to knock it off – plug-and-play tweets and posts

Repost from Stop Fooling California (On Twitter)
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Stop Fooling California

April 23, 2015

Stop Fooling CAYesterday we celebrated the 45th anniversary of Earth Day.

And you can’t think of the earth without thinking about the way Big Oil’s business model is based on exploiting resources that belong to us all.

Case in point: Kern County’s depleting oil fields is a symptom of ecological overshooting. And Big Oil adds insult to injury when they contaminate our precious water supply with their toxic waste.
Perhaps actor Ed Begley, Jr., summed it up best, “I don’t understand why when we destroy something created by man we call it vandalism, but when we destroy something created by nature we call it progress.”

This Earth Day let’s tell Big Oil to knock it off – for the sake of every person living here. Find plug-and-play tweets and posts below to help get the word out.

Embedded image permalinkTwitter: #BigOil is contaminating CA’s aquifers. Shut them down #waternotoil #StopFoolingCA  @cleanh2oca
Facebook:  Everyday, the oil industry is contaminating California’s aquifers.
Embedded image permalinkTwitter: #BigOil illegally dumps chemical waste in hundreds of unlined pits in #Kern. #WaterNotOil #CAdrought #StopFoolingCA
Facebook:  Big Oil illegally dumps chemical waste into hundreds of unlined pits in Kern County. You know, so it can seep back into the ground.Why? How do you dispose of your toxic waste?#WaterNotOil
Embedded image permalinkTwitter: #BigOil’s waste forced farmers 2 pull up crops. Just. Stop it. #WaterNotOil #StopFoolingCA
Facebook:  Mike Hopkins had to pull up his cherry trees in 2013 and filed a lawsuit against the oil companies with injection wells around his orchards.“We’re farmers,” Hopkins said. Pulling up the withered fruit trees “broke our hearts.”
Read about Mike here:
Embedded image permalinkTwitter:Of all the ways to waste water, #fracking is definitely the dumbest. #StopFoolingCA #CADrought
Out of all the ways to waste water in California, oil extraction is possibly the worst and definitely the dumbest.
Embedded image permalinkTwitter: Looks like an action movie. It’s actually just @BP_Press making “safe” #energy
Facebook:  It’s been five years since BP’s Deepwater Horizon exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 people and spilling millions of gallons of crude oil.Yet the risk to the Gulf of Mexico is as high as ever.How’d Big Oil pull that off?
Embedded image permalinkTwitter: “Toxic chemicals #BigOil pumps into our water a #tradesecret.” -Nobody ever. #StopFoolingCA
Facebook:  We respect intellectual property. For example, McDonald’s doesn’t need to tell us what’s in its secret sauce (although we know it’s just Thousand Island Dressing, right?).But you know what we can’t respect? Not telling us what toxic chemicals you’re pumping into our water because it’s a ‘trade secret.’ That’s not your water, Big Oil.
#ShutThemDown #WaterNotOil #StopFoolingCA

    Your public comment on injection wells

    Repost from California League of Conservation Voters 


    Stop illegally polluting injection wells!Californians are outraged. In this time of severe and prolonged drought — while we’re struggling to conserve water and worried for the future of our communities — our own state government has been permitting oil and gas companies to inject vast quantities of hazardous waste fluid into our aquifers.

    Amazingly, despite the danger to our water, state regulators are allowing illegal injection wells to remain open for months, some until October 2015, others until December 2016, in violation of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. We are in the midst of an extreme drought. Allowing oil companies to pump toxic chemicals into our groundwater is unacceptable.

    The comment period closes on April 14th. Make an official comment to urge the immediate shutdown of illegal injection wells now.

     [Read below … or better yet, click here to SEND this comment.]

    Your Public Comment:

    Re: Emergency regulation under OAL review: Aquifer exemption compliance schedule

    Dear Department of Conservation and Office of Administrative Law,

    Please change the draft emergency regulations on aquifer exemptions to immediately order the shutdown of the roughly 2,000 oil and gas injection wells that may currently be impacting underground sources of drinking water. The Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) has determined that these wells are injecting into aquifers that should be protected under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), yet that very same agency is allowing these activities to continue. Allowing the continued injection of potentially toxic fluids into non-exempt aquifers violates the SDWA and is a threat to California’s dwindling water supply.

    Our state is facing one of the worst droughts on record, which warrants emergency action. However, the timeline for stopping pollution outlined in these regulations does not provide the protections we need. Please amend these emergency regulations and issue enforcement orders to shut down all illegal injection wells.