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Sacramento judge: Benicia Suspect in NorCal Rapist case to go to trial

By Vicki Gonzalez, KCRA TV3, 6:30 PM PST Jan 29, 2020
Former Benicia resident Roy Charles Waller, suspected NorCal Rapist

SACRAMENTO, Calif. —A man accused of being the so-called NorCal Rapist was ordered Wednesday to face trial on charges that he assaulted at least nine women in their homes, sometimes for hours.

Roy Charles Waller is facing dozens of felony charges — including rape and kidnapping — over a 15-year period between 1991 and 2006.

The judge ruled there was enough evidence presented during the preliminary hearings to try Waller. If convicted, Waller faces up to life in prison.

The 60-year-old, a former UC Berkeley employee living in Benicia, is facing 46 charges. The charges involve at least nine women across six counties — Sonoma, Contra Costa, Solano, Butte, Yolo and Sacramento.

Waller was arrested in September 2018, more than a decade after the NorCal Rapist’s most recent crime because of advancements in DNA technology. Those advancements also led to the arrest of Joseph DeAngelo in the East Area Rapist case.

Prosecutors said DNA from a drinking straw connected Waller to eight of the women — and a connection to the ninth came from a surveillance photo allegedly showing Waller using the woman’s ATM card.

Prosecutors argue the assaults had a similar M.O. The women were mostly of Asian descent, tied to the bed with their eyes taped shut. The assaults would take place over the course of hours, and the rapist often would caress, kiss and cuddle the bound women.

He would also steal valuables, like jewelry or an ATM card, before leaving, prosecutors said.

The focus in court Wednesday was granular. The defense and prosecutors argued over nuances of lesser charges or special circumstances, such as kidnapping and extortion, because laws surrounding the charges were amended over the time period of these crimes.

“He is innocent unless the DA can prove to 12 citizens of our community that in fact he committed his crimes,” Waller’s attorney Joseph Farina said. “There’s still lots to do in this case. We’re really at the beginning. There is so much discovery, so many police reports, so much evidence.”

“There is still a lot of work to do,” Farina added. “We’re not prepared to go to trial at this point.”

Waller pleaded not guilty and is being held on no bail.

Update on criminal processing of Benicia’s accused serial rapist, Roy Charles Waller

A roommate ad, a call from a stranger, a gun in the night: How NorCal Rapist case began

Sacramento Bee, by Sam Stanton, January 10, 2020 01:13 PM 

“She woke to a male subject in a mask grabbing her,” retired Rohnert Park Police Officer Marshall Goldy testified Friday in a Sacramento Superior Court hearing for Roy Charles Waller, the suspect in the NorCal Rapist’s reign of attacks that authorities say began that night and continued across Northern California until 2006.

“She woke to a male subject in a mask grabbing her,” retired Rohnert Park Police Officer Marshall Goldy testified Friday in a Sacramento Superior Court hearing for Roy Charles Waller, the suspect in the NorCal Rapist’s reign of attacks that authorities say began that night and continued across Northern California until 2006.

“She said, ‘OK, I was lying on the couch with my face to the back of the couch and didn’t hear anything. And the next thing I knew there was an arm around my neck and a small handgun pointed at my right cheek.’”

The victim, who now goes by Earnest-Payte, was not present Friday for the third day of Waller’s preliminary hearing, but she attended Waller’s September 2018 arraignment and has spoken openly about the night a masked man attacked her. She also has described how she felt staring Waller down in court following his arrest.

“When he turned around and looked squarely at us, straight in our eyes, I glared right back,” Earnest-Payte told reporters then. “That was the first time I felt angry.

“It was the first time that I finally thought, ‘Yeah, there you are, and you look fairly pathetic.’ I was a little afraid, but not afraid of him.”

Waller, who turned 60 on Wednesday while being held at the Sacramento County Main Jail, is now facing up to life in prison and sat attentively Friday before Judge Trena Burger-Plavan.

He occasionally made suggestions to his defense attorney, Joseph Farina, as prosecutors continued their meticulous effort to present evidence from decades ago about the attacks that remained unsolved until Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced a suspect had been found through analysis of DNA evidence left behind at some of the crime scenes.

Goldy, an 18-year veteran of the Rohnert Park police force at the time of the attack, said his first involvement came as he was helping with a traffic stop shortly before 3 a.m. on June 23, 1991.

The victim’s mother pulled up behind his patrol car and told him what had happened, and he followed her over to Earnest-Payte’s Parkway Drive apartment, Goldy testified.

Once there, he secured the scene and took her to a hospital, where she told him that during the ordeal her attacker raped her three times and that his voice sounded identical to the “Bob Smith” who had previously called about renting a room, Goldy said.

The assailant bound her hands and feet and placed tape over her eyes and a pillowcase over her head, and asked repeatedly where she kept her money.

“She said, ‘He pulled open my bathrobe,’” Goldy said, reading from his 1991 police report. “She said, ‘Please, don’t do that. Please, don’t. Take my money and go.’

“She said at that point he raped her. She said after the first rape she said, ‘Could you please leave now? You’re finished.’ … He was holding onto me like we were lovers or something.”

Eventually, Goldy testified, the attacker told her not to call police or he would kill her. He bound her feet and hands with tape, and gave her a butter knife, with instructions to wait 15 minutes before she tried to cut off the tape.

And, he asked for her telephone number and apologized.

“He kept saying, I’m sorry, this is my first time. I’ve done this and I regret this. I can’t believe I’ve done this to you,’ ” Goldy recounted her telling him. “He kept saying over and over again that he learned his lesson and he would never do this again to anyone.”

In fact, authorities believe he struck a second time in Sonoma County that same year, and that he eventually attacked women in six counties, ending the serial crime spree with the double rape of announced in October 2006.

Farina tried to pick apart some of the police work done 29 years ago, eliciting testimony from Goldy that the victim gave him only vague descriptions of the masked attacker, and did not provide his weight, hair or eye color.

At one point, Waller leaned over and spoke quietly to his lawyer, who then asked whether anyone had tried to trace the phone number from “Bob Smith.” Goldy said he didn’t know.

Authorities believe semen left on the victim’s bedsheets that night match DNA samples taken from Waller’s garbage by investigators who had him under surveillance before his arrest.

Waller’s hearing is expected to continue into next week, when the judge is expected to rule whether there is enough evidence to take the case to trial.