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Terry Scott Announces Candidacy for Benicia City Council

PEOPLE OVER POLITICS – Facing the Challenge of Change

BENICIA — Terry Scott, a long time Benicia resident, seasoned businessman, futurist and philanthropist has announced he is running for Benicia City Council.   

“I am running because I believe the role of City Council is to make the hard decisions now in order to maintain our quality of life tomorrow,” he said  

“The next four years will be full of important opportunities for our city—as well as present many complex challenges.  I will bring to the Council proven business leadership and the ability to build bridges through transparency, strategy, collaboration, and a commonsense view leading to practical solutions”, he added.  

Mr. Scott has served as Chair of the Arts and Culture Commission, Public Art Committee, a founding member and former Executive Director of the Benicia Community Foundation as well as helped form several philanthropic and local civic groups.

“Benicia is a strong community. It requires strong leadership, one with vision,” he said.  

Mr. Scott added, “My vision for Benicia is to be an economically vibrant community while at the same time preserving its friendly, small-town atmosphere. Benicia is a special place, rich with history. I’m passionate about maintaining a community that embraces all people with all perspectives, supports local art and provides a safe home for its residents with clean air and water.”  

“We must be prepared to face the challenge of change and find ways to thrive. Benicia is a multi generational community. Whether you chose to live here in retirement, to raise your family or start one, we are all hungry to experience the quality of life unique to our amazing town. That change requires us to look at the needs and wants of current and future residents.  

“I am running because I believe the role of City Council is to make hard decisions now to maintain our quality of life for tomorrow.” 

“Through my extensive work and service to our community, I’ve built a reputation for finding solutions, putting in the work and getting things done. The key to all things in our community,” he continued, “is understanding what is our financial and economic condition.”

“Without a thorough understanding of our financial health, how is strategic planning possible? How do we improve our roads? How can we maintain our facilities, control water rates, and maintain the quality of life we expect in Benicia? Without fiscal management, making the hard choices that are ahead of us is impossible,” he noted. 

“We now have a qualified Finance Director to create a path forward based on hard data.  Having access to accurate revenue reports, expenditure forecasts and financial statements will provide Council with the tools needed for successful future planning; an area of my expertise.

Efficiency equals results. We must ask ourselves, is there a better way to do things today without kicking it down the road and facing them tomorrow?”

Terry goes on to add, “During my time as Chair of the Arts & Culture Commission, there has been an expansion of public art alliances including the celebrated Neptune’s Daughter Sculpture, Tula Sister City Mural, signal box art and decorated benches and murals throughout the City. In addition, the ACC formed an alliance with the Benicia Unified School District for student art murals and helped sponsor a number of cultural events. These are things I’m very proud to have been involved with.”

Mr. Scott retired in 2013 from Hasbro, Inc. in Rhode Island, as Senior Vice President, Global Head of Creative Services where he managed a global group of more than 700 employees with a total annual operating budget of $1.7 billion. Prior to Hasbro, he operated Scott Advertising, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio. Scott Advertising was named by Advertising Age as one of the top 100 boutique agencies in the United States. 

Terry has been a business consultant to several national and international clients. He’s written papers for the National Endowment for the Arts and the US Economic Development Administration on such topics as, ‘The Future of Museums’ and ‘The Impact of the Silver Tsunami and the Millennial Migration’. Terry Scott also serves on several national boards including Oakland’s ‘International Toy Museum in Development’. 

“In 2020, I ran for City Council and lost by 126 votes. I believed then, and still believe now, that my message to the community was strong then and even stronger for this run in 2022. As your city council member, I will listen to concerns and examine issues from a fair and pragmatic point of view. Voters can expect practicality and transparency in my decision making process. I’m asking for the most precious item you have in our democracy—your vote.” 

Married for 47 years to wife Randi, a forensic archeologist and member of the Incident Management Team for Solano County Search and Rescue.  They have three sons, one granddaughter.

He earned a B.S. Degree from Kent State University and completed the Executives Studies program at Dartmouth College–Tuck School of Business.

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An encouraging word of congratulations from Benicia City Council candidate Terry Scott

By Terry Scott, November 18, 2020

Terry Scott, 2020 candidate for Benicia City Council

Fellow Benicians, I’d  like to offer my sincerest congratulations to Trevor Macenski and Tom Campbell for your election wins to the Benicia City Council.

I’d also like to again congratulate Steve Young for his decisive Mayoral race win.

Benicia is such a wonderful town. I met some incredible folks along the campaign journey.  I owe a humble and heartfelt debt of gratitude to all  of my campaign team, volunteers, and the many folks who graciously supported my candidacy for City Council.

Soon the baton will be passed to a new Mayor and City Council.

But before we see the baton pass, I believe we must give Mayor Elizabeth Patterson a huge thank you for her contributions, leadership and commitment to our community.

Thank you Elizabeth.

I believe in Benicia and its resilient ability to prosper and sustain itself as we meet head-on the immediate impact of the pandemic and beyond.

I have great confidence in our new City Council leadership team and wish them the best in keeping Benicia such a special place.

Congrats Councilmember-elect Trevor Macenski, new Vice-Mayor Elect Tom Campbell and Mayor-Elect Steve Young.

Terry Scott

Benicia City Council – Friday update, Terry & Trevor both score 17 more votes

By Roger Straw, November 14, 2020

Scott still trails by 130 votes, with only 40-140 Benicia votes yet to count – I’m calling the race: Macenski the winner

Solano County didn’t post it’s Friday Nov. 13 update until Saturday, but it’s there now, showing that more mail-in ballots and provisional ballots were processed.

The one close race in Benicia was for the second seat on Benicia’s City Council.  Both Trevor Macenski and Terry Scott netted 17 more votes in the latest Solano Registrar of Voters report.  So Macenski continues to lead Scott by 130 votes.  And I’m calling the race.

8,627 36.45%
7,587 32.05%
7,457 31.50%

Potential ballots remaining to be processed, as of Friday’s Solano County report, include 0-250 mail-in ballots and 500-1,500 provisional ballots.  By my own calculation, Benicia might account for about 8% of those remaining ballots, or 40-140 outstanding votes.

It begins to look like a 130 vote margin is not at all likely to be overcome.  So I think we can say that Trevor wins, given the odds.

The Registrar of Voters won’t offer a FINAL count for awhile.  We’ll just have to wait for them to finish counting and certify the winner.  But meanwhile, we can offer sad well-wishes to our candidate Terry, and congratulations to Trevor Macenski.  Here’s hoping the next City Council will work together well and accomplish much!

Benicia City Council – super close race, Terry Scott down 3 more votes, not quite over yet

By Roger Straw, November 12, 2020
Terry Scott, candidate for Benicia City Council

Scott now trails by 130 votes, with an estimated 140-240 Benicia votes yet to count

Solano County took Veterans Day off, but came back today and processed more mail-in ballots and provisional ballots.

The winner status in all races remained unchanged as of 5:15pm tonight.

The one truly close race in Benicia is for the second seat on Benicia’s City Council.  Tom Campbell is assured of first place, having won 8,615 votes.  The second seat is really close, with Trevor Macenski leading Terry Scott by only 130 votes.

8,615 36.49%
7,561 32.03%
7,431 31.48%

Potential ballots remaining to be processed, as of tonight’s Solano County report, include 250-500 mail-in ballots and 1,500-2,500 provisional ballots.  By my own calculation, Benicia might account for about 8% of those remaining ballots, or 140-240 outstanding votes.

If I were a pro, I might call the race now, given the odds against narrowing a 130-point margin.  But I’m no pro, and Terry’s a friend, so I can’t go there.  We’ll just have to wait for the Registrar of Voters to finish counting and certify a winner.   ☹

Hang in there, Terry!