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Eight ways to “derail” Valero’s proposal …

trainsforpeopleValero wants to import 100 train cars a day of crude oil into Benicia. Valero is BIG, and the oil industry worldwide is BIGGER! The only way we can stop Crude By Rail is if we all work together.

Here is what YOU can do:


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Over 1500 have already signed the Safe Benicia petition.
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1. Add your name to the SafeBenicia.org petition (click at left).
PETITION TEXT: “Please count me among the many citizens of Benicia and communities nearby who oppose bringing dangerous Bakken crude oil into Benicia by trains.  We have seen horrendous resulting explosions following the recent massive increase in transport of crude oil from Bakken shale fields in North Dakota and tar sands mines in Alberta.  The California Attorney General and the National Transportation Safety Board have sent out alarms about this dangerous new method of transporting unconventional crudes.  Not in Benicia!  Not in the Bay Area!  Not in communities uprail and downwind of Benicia!  Please convey my opposition to the City of Benicia and Valero.”

2. Study up – It is vital that everyday citizens of Benicia learn about this project. Read the About pages, including the Resources page, study the Documents and Reviews pages, and take note of Recent Posts here on Benicia Independent (listed at left).

3. Send your thoughts to the City of Benicia  –  You can make a difference!  Even if you haven’t read the EIR, you can ask questions and voice your concerns to the Planning Commission, City staff and our Mayor and City Council.   (Note: When writing to City staff, it helps to open with the phrase, “Please add my comments to the public legal record on Valero’s Crude By Rail Project and incorporate them as part of the review of the EIR. “)
     A great resource for letter-writing, etc. – Benicia Organizing Toolkit, by ForestEthics.

Send your letters and comments to:
Amy Million, Principal Planner, Benicia Community Development Department, by email: amillion@ci.benicia.ca.us.
You may also send your letter Amy Million by mail to 250 East L Street, Benicia, CA 94510, or by Fax: (707) 747-1637.
To direct email to Planning Commissioners, send email to Amy Million, requesting her to forward on to Planning Commissioners.
Get help in writing your comments: Resources page on SafeBenicia.org

4. Send your thoughts to the news media:

Benicia Herald, 820 First St, Benicia, CA 94510, or by email to the editor at beniciaherald@gmail.com
Vallejo Times-Herald, P.O. Box 3188, Vallejo, CA 94590, Fax: 643-0128, or by email to Editor Jack Bungart at opinion@timesheraldonline.com.

5. Write, attend the Public Hearing, speak!  The Planning Commission’s public hearings on Valero’s proposal are now closed.  BUT… Valero will very likely appeal the decision to Benicia’s City Council, and your comments are still VERY IMPORTANT!  Contact our City Council members today! (Contact information here.)  (Watch for further announcements here and on our Events page.)

6. Click here to check out our EVENTS page.  Help promote events by sharing with friends and email contacts.  Attend, learn, and voice your questions and concerns.

7. Sign up here to become part of the Benicia Independent “community”
     You will receive a weekly email update with local news about Valero’s Crude By Rail proposal as well as national and international news on crude by rail.
Together, we will show the strength in numbers of those who oppose the shipment of potentially explosive Bakken crude oil and dirty tar-sands “dilbit” in unsafe tank cars.

8. Check in with Benicians For a Safe and Healthy Community, at SafeBenicia.org.   Volunteer or order a StopCrude yard sign here“Like” the Stop Crude By Rail facebook page, and share with your facebook friends.  Help raise funds for the organizing effort – click on GoFundMe above right.

Questions? Contact me at rogrmail at gmail .com.

For safe and healthy communities…