Final EIR

Here you can download FINAL EIR documents from the City of Benicia’s website.  They are the official documents submitted by Valero and/or prepared by City consultants.  (Documents submitted by citizens and others commenting on the proposal may be found on our Project Review page.)

Planning Commission resolution: NO to Valero Crude by Rail

On February 18, 2016, the City of Benicia released the highly anticipated resolution of the Planning Commission with negotiated wording to deny certification of the EIR and to deny a use permit for Valero’s Crude By Rail project.  [MORE]

Planning Commission WRITTEN TRANSCRIPTS – Feb. 8-11 Hearings

On March 4, 2016, the City of Benicia released written transcripts of the public hearings on Valero Crude By Rail, Feb. 8-11.  Download directly from the City’s website, or from belowNote that “Condensed Transcripts” include all text, but pages are reduced to appear 4 pages on each page – AND they also include an extensive INDEX at the end. “Full Transcripts” show a single page on each page, and have no index.

Planning Commission Agenda and Staff Report – Feb. 8, 2016

City staff RECOMMENDED 1) certification of the grossly inadequate EIR and 2) approval of a use permit for Valero’s dirty and dangerous oil train proposal.  Here are the links:

The FINAL Draft EIR released 5 Jan 2016

Appendix A_Public Notices (25 pages, 0.3MB)
Appendix B_Fire Agreement (8 pages, 1MB)
Appendix D_Comment Opposition (88 pages, 2.7MB)
Appendix C_Comment Support (199 pages, 10.2MB)
Appendix E_Form Letter 1 (Opposition letters via Center for Biological Diversity, 1,730 pages, 71MB)
Appendix F_Form Letter 2 (Opposition letters via CREDO Action, 1,972 pages, 23.5MB)
Appendix G_Form Letter 3 (Support letters via Valero Benicia Refinery, 135 pages, 2.4MB)
Appendix H_MMRP (11 pages, 0.1MB)
Final EIR-Chapters 1-2 (1,370 pages, 38.8MB)
Final EIR-Chapters 3-4 (724 pages, 27MB)
Final EIR-Complete without Appendices (2,094 pages, 65MB. Note that the link on the City’s page says “Complete with Appendices,” but the link actually downloads a document withoutappendices.)

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