Draft EIR and Mitigated Negative Declaration

Here you can download early MNG and DEIR documents from the City of Benicia’s website.  They are the official documents submitted by Valero and/or prepared by City consultants.  (Documents submitted by citizens and others commenting on the proposal may be found on our Project Review page.)

The Draft EIR – released June 17, 2014

Notice of Availability
DRAFT EIR-Complete Version (75 MB)
01. Cover TOC1
01. Executive Summary
1. Introduction
2. Summary of Environmental Impacts
3. Project Description
4. Environmental Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation Measures
5. CEQA Statutory Sections 6. Analysis of Alternatives
7. Report Preparation
8. Glossary and Acronyms
9. References

Draft EIR Reference Documents (Belatedly posted to the City’s website on 12/21/2015!)

Appendix A-Notice of Preparation/Initial Study
Appendix B-Scoping Report
Appendix C.1-Areas of Controversy Heavy Crudes
Appendix C.2-Areas of Controversy Light Crudes
Appendix D-Confidential Business Information
Appendix E.1-Construction Emissions
Appendix E.2-Marine Vessel Criteria Pollutant
Appendix E.3-Air Permit Application February 2013
Appendix E.4-Air Permit Application Update November 2013
Appendix E.5-Air Quality and GHG Emissions Supplement
Appendix E.6-Updated Methodology for Assessment of Risk
Appendix F-Railroad Crude Oil Release Analysis
Appendix G-Valero Emergency Procedures Manual Sections 203 and 206
Appendix H-Union Pacific Railroad Hazardous Material Emergency Response Plan
Appendix I-Transportation Impact Analysis
Appendix J-Mitigation Monitoring Reporting Program
Appendix K-McGovern Report
Appendix L-Union Pacific Railroad Preemption

Staff report on requests for extension of Comment Period

Application & Materials

Supplemental Reports

EIR Scoping

Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration

City presentation at Planning Commission July 10, 2014

Valero materials from their Community Information Meeting of March 24, 2014

The DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT (DEIR) was originally scheduled for release in January, 2014; was postponed to March, then to April, 2014, then to June 10, 2014. See the City of Benicia Crude By Rail page for updates.

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