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Celebrate Juneteenth with Benicia Black Lives Matter at its Inaugural Juneteenth Festival this Saturday

Benicia Black Lives Matter, email of June 18, 2021

Commemorate the Juneteenth holiday with Benicia Black Lives Matter (BBLM), friends, and neighbors this Saturday, June 19th, 2021!

BBLM’s Inaugural Juneteenth Festival, to be held at Benicia’s Historical Camel Barns from 11 am to 5 pm, promises Benicians and our friends from neighboring communities a day of entertainment, education, and fun for the entire family. With food trucks, shopping, live and DJ’ed music, kid’s activities, dancing, and presentations such as readings of the “Juneteenth Holiday Proclamation” by Mayor Steve Young and of “Resolution 20-103” by Dr. Maliika Chambers lined up, you won’t want to miss joining us on this very special day.

Juneteenth acknowledges and honors the end of slavery in the United States. Specifically, the holiday celebrates June 19th, 1865, the day on which federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas to ensure the liberation of all enslaved individuals within the state.

Occurring two and a half years after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, this significant date reminds us of the hard-won emancipation of enslaved Black and African American individuals across the country. As a holiday, Juneteenth presents an opportunity for the contemplation and celebration of the efforts we have made individually and collectively to combat systemic racism, secure liberation, and ensure the freedom of Black and African Americans, while also recognizing that the struggle is far from over.

After a year of pandemic life, it is safe to say that many of us are feeling cooped up. Fortunately, in light of vaccinations, restriction-lifting, and the advent of BBLM, a new opportunity for celebration, interaction, and education presents itself to Benicia, California. Now is the time to enjoy the summer weather, return to some level of normalcy, and celebrate a historically and culturally significant holiday. BBLM’s Juneteenth Festival promises an opportunity for community members to show up, commit to allyship, build friendships, have fun, and offer respect and appreciation for the Black and African American members in our community. Don’t miss out!

Juneteenth protest on Carquinez Bridge leads to 3 arrests

Marchers arrested after Carquinez Bridge protest extends into traffic lanes

SFBAY.ca, by Bay City News, June 20, 2020

Three people were arrested Friday after protesters in a Juneteenth Black Lives Matter “March Across the Carquinez Bridge” that originated in Vallejo shut down motor traffic in westbound lanes of the Alfred Zampa Bridge.

About 55 protesters entered the pedestrian walkway of the Zampa Bridge about 1:30 p.m. and some went over the concrete barrier and onto the traffic shoulder about 10 minutes later and then into vehicle lanes, halting traffic, according to the Golden Gate Division of the California Highway Patrol.

The CHP said it intermittently opened one lane to relieve the traffic backup before clearing the lanes about 3 p.m.

“One CHP officer was assaulted by a protester and the protester was later arrested,” officials said in a social media post. “The CHP officer sustained minor injuries.”

Facebook: CHP – Golden Gate Division


This afternoon at approximately 1:29 PM, a group of approximately 55 protesters proceeded onto the Carquinez Bridge pedestrian walkway. At approximately 1:40 PM, protesters crossed over the concrete barrier between the pedestrian walkway and right hand shoulder of Westbound I-80. Protesters subsequently entered the Westbound I-80 lanes of traffic. Westbound I-80 was shutdown, with one lane of traffic intermittently open by CHP officers on scene to relieve congestion. At approximately 3:00 PM all lanes of traffic were opened.

Three arrests were made during this incident:

Princess Hodges (20 yrs) out of Benicia was arrested and booked for: 243(C) PC (Felony) – Battery on a Peace/Police Officer with Injury, 69 PC (Felony) – Resisting an Executive Officer, 148 (A)(1) PC (Misd) – Resist, Obstruct, Delay Peace Officer, and 21960A VC (Infraction) – Pedestrian On Freeway.

Jeremy Christian Smith-Batha (27 yrs) out of Sacramento was arrested and booked for: 69 PC (Felony) – Resisting an Executive Officer, 836.6(A) PC (Felony) – Escape or Attempt to Escape With Force/ETC, 243(B) PC (Misd) – Battery on a Peace/Police Officer, 148(A)(1) PC (Misd) – Resist, Obstruct, Delay Peace Officer, 148(B) PC (Misd) – Take Peace Officer’s Weapon, 22210 PC (Misd) – Manufacture/Possess Leaded Cane/ETC, and 21960A VC (Infraction) – Pedestrian On Freeway.

Michael Joshua Alonso (22 yrs) out of Vallejo was arrested and booked for: 148(A)(1) PC (Misd) – Resist, Obstruct, Delay Peace Officer and 21960A VC (Infraction) – Pedestrian On Freeway.

One CHP officer was assaulted by a protester and the protester was later arrested. The CHP officer sustained minor injuries.

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