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City proposes fining railroad for all oil and coal trains passing through

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[Editor: Check out the Resolution to be considered by the Spokane City Council on Monday, July 25 (from the Council agenda).  The resolution begins: “A Resolution requesting that the Spokane County Auditor to hold a special election on November 8, 2016 in conjunction with the scheduled general election to submit to the electors of the City of Spokane a  proposition regarding the enactment of a new section 10.08.068 of the Spokane Municipal Code, relating to a prohibition on the transit of oil and coal trains through specific areas of the City of Spokane.” A series of powerful WHEREASES follow.  – RS]

Spokane may fine railroads shipping oil or coal through town

July 21, 2016, 6:01 AM

SPOKANE – The Spokane City Council is thinking of fining railroad companies that ship crude oil or coal through downtown Spokane.

The companies would be fined hundreds of dollars for each train car under a law the city council will consider placing on the November ballot.

The Spokesman-Review says the proposed law would make such shipments a civil infraction punishable by a fine of up to $261 for each train car.

The City Council will vote Monday on whether to add a law that would authorize fines for oil and coal train operators to the November ballot.

KQED: Proposed Oakland Shipping Terminal Stirs Health, Environmental Concerns Over Coal

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[Editor:  So … 120-car open coal trains might come blowing through Benicia, crossing our rickety 85-year-old Benicia-Martinez Rail Bridge on their way to the East Bay.  Now maybe more Benicians will understand a little better how it feels to be an “uprail” community.  – RS]

Proposed Oakland Shipping Terminal Stirs Health, Environmental Concerns Over Coal

With Mina Kim, Fri, Mar 25, 2016 — 9:30 AM

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Utah has pledged $53 million to help build a shipping facility in Oakland in hopes of getting the state’s coal overseas. Mark Hogan/Flickr
On Tuesday, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed a bill that allocates $53 million of Utah’s money to help build a cargo terminal in West Oakland. Supporters of the bill argue that the project will bring in much-needed jobs and enable Utah to ship its coal to markets overseas. But environmentalists in the Bay Area oppose the project, arguing that it will contribute to pollution and health problems in a neighborhood already impacted by poor air quality. Forum gets an update on the project and how it may affect Oakland.

 Mina Kim


    • Darwin BondGraham, reporter, East Bay Express
    • Jessica Yarnall Loarie, staff attorney, Sierra Club