24 more positive cases of coronavirus in Solano County – it’s not over yet!

Monday, June 8: 24 new positive cases, no new deaths. Total now 590 cases, 23 deaths.

Source: Solano County Coronavirus Information & Resources

Solano County Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Updates and Resources.  Check out basic information in this screenshot.  IMPORTANT: The County’s interactive page has more.  On the County website, you can hover your mouse over the charts at right for detailed information.
Previous report, Friday, June 5
The County does not archive its dashboard.  Archives here: BenIndy’s Daily Count Archive.


  • Solano County reported 24 new positive case over the weekend and today, total of 590.
  • No new deaths since Friday, total of 23.
  • Active cases – 19 fewer than Friday, now only 42 active cases..
  • Very little testing – reporting only 19 residents tested.
  • Youth – GOOD NEWS – no new cases among the 17 and under age group shows.  It is still noteworthy that there have been 28 new cases among those age 17 and under in the last 26 days, with only 6 new cases over the 5 weeks prior.

(Note new bar graph key: the GREEN bar in the County’s chart no longer represents “Non-severe” cases.  Rather, it represents the TOTAL of all cases: non-severe cases, those hospitalized and deceased persons.)

  • No new cases among those 17 and under, total of 33 cases, including one hospitalizationOur concern remains: cases among youth have increased over the last two weeks to 5.6% of the 590 total confirmed cases.
  • 15 new cases among persons 18-49 years of age, total of 271 cases, including 1 new hospitalization, total of 23 hospitalized and 2 deaths.  This age group represents 46% of the 590 total cases.   23 of the 271 cases in this age group have been hospitalized at one time, almost 9% of total cases in the age group(It is unclear whether the 2 deaths were ever hospitalized.)
  • 7 new cases among persons 50-64 years of age, total of 152 cases, including 1 new hospitalization, total of 29 hospitalized and 3 deaths.  This age group represents 26% of the 590 total cases.   29 of the 152 cases in this age group have been hospitalized at one time, a little over 19% of total cases in the age group(It is unclear whether the 3 deaths were ever hospitalized.)
  • 2 new cases among persons 65 years or older total 134 cases, including 38 hospitalized and 18 deaths.  This age group represents just over 23% of the 590 total cases.  38 of the 134 cases in this age group (28%) were hospitalized at one time, a substantially higher percentage than in the lower age groups(It is unclear whether the 18 deaths in this age group were ever hospitalized.)


  • Vallejo added 6 new cases since Friday, total of 316.
  • Fairfield added 6 new cases since Friday, total of 127.
  • Vacaville added 4 new cases since Friday, total of 64 cases.
  • Suisun City added 8 new cases since Friday, total of 31 cases.
  • Benicia remained at 23 cases.
  • Dixon remained at 11 cases.
  • Rio Vista and “Unincorporated” are still not assigned numerical data: today both remain at <10 (less than 10).  The total numbers for other cities add up to 580, leaving 10 cases somewhere among the 2 locations in this “<10” category (same as last reported)Residents and city officials have pressured County officials for city case counts.  Today’s data is welcome, but still incomplete.

HOSPITALIZATIONS:  91 of Solano’s 590 cases resulted in hospitalizations since the outbreak started, 2 more since FridayCumulative hospitalizations is a most important stat to watch.  On May 1 there were 51 hospitalizations, and the daily increase was relatively steady, adding 2 or less each day.  But on May 22, the County reported 4 new hospitalizations, 9 more on May 29, plus 3 more on June 2.  We will keep our eyes on these numbers.

ACTIVE CASES:  42 of the 590 cases are currently active, 19 fewer than Friday.  Active cases are trending lower.  We were at 72 active cases just 11 days ago on May 28.  Today’s reduction no doubt reflects recovering patients, and is very good news!  Note that the county does not report WHERE the active cases are.  Below you will see that only 12 of the active cases are currently hospitalized, which leaves 30 of these 42 active cases out in our communities somewhere, and hopefully quarantined.

HOSPITAL IMPACT: The County shows 12 of the 91 hospitalized cases are CURRENTLY hospitalized, 1 fewer than Friday.  The County’s count of ICU beds available and ventilator supply remains at “GOOD” at 31-100%. (No information is given on our supply of test kits, PPE and staff.).
TESTING: The County reports that 13,160 residents have been tested as of today, an increase of only 19 residents tested since Friday!  We have heard rumors that there is talk of closing a testing site due to low numbers of Solano residents seeking tests.  Testing will continue to be a very important way of limiting and tracking outbreaks – please go get a test if you can!  Testing sites in Vallejo and Vacaville are open to anyoneWe have a long way to go: only 2.9% of Solano County’s 447,643 residents (2019) have been tested.

Solano’s curve – cumulative cases as of June 8

This chart shows that the infection’s steady upward trajectory could be flattening a bit in Solano County.  Still too early to tell.  Our nursing homes, long-term care facilities and jails bear watching!

Still incredibly important – everyone stay home if you don’t need to go out, wear masks when you do go out (especially in enclosed spaces), wash hands, and be safe!