ALERT – Elizabeth Patterson on California redistricting – PLEASE SEND COMMENTS!


Benicia, California

Elizabeth Patterson, Mayor of Benicia CA, 2007-2021

Below is an important message. We have been represented for at least ten years by our North Bay Congress member [Mike Thompson]. The Citizens Redistricting Commission is proposing to split us from Napa and Solano and put Benicia and Vallejo in Contra Costa. A few things to consider: 1) SR 37 needs lots of help from the feds. It is the main connector for Vallejo and Benicia to Sonoma and Marin. This is a North Bay transportation issue and the Solano Transportation Authority is part of the North Bay Policy Group. 2) We manage water supply in collaboration with Napa and American Canyon – and are members of the North Bay Watershed Association. We are North Bay water folks. 3) And finally, we have access to offices and events in the North Bay and don’t have to pay a toll to do so. A Contra Costa congressional district means a toll crossing for all major events and meetings.

It is very easy to call or submit a written comment. The Commission is meeting SUNDAY NOV 7 AND MONDAY NOV 8.  See links below.



The California Citizens Redistricting Commission has posted the visualizations that will be discussed for the November 7-9, 2021 meetings. Review them and let us know if we are heading in the right direction.

Over the past months, Commissioners received numerous Communities of Interest and public input that informed the visualizations being discussed at these meetings. Visualizations show hypothetical district-based boundaries for limited geographic areas from the line drawers in response to preliminary direction from the Commission and were created to allow Commissioners to review potential options.

This week’s visualizations will become the draft maps that are scheduled to be released November 10th.

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The Commission has developed a district viewer that allows you to more easily navigate visualizations and zoom in and out of geographic areas while layering congressional, State Senate and Assembly boundaries.

Please click here to use the district viewer tool.

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