Basic background on the upcoming Paris Climate Talks

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[Editor:  This is a good overview.  Check out the briefing which begins, “Negotiators from 195 countries are set to meet in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget for two weeks, beginning Nov. 30, to wrap up a new, historic pact to limit global warming. A heavy handed, top-down approach hasn’t worked. Now, countries are pinning their hopes on an amped-up, ‘Stone Soup’ approach.  What makes this agreement historic? …”  – RS]

Basic background on the upcoming Paris Climate Talks

By Monitor Energy Editor David Unger, November 20, 2015

csmonitor-the_summit550In December, diplomats from nearly 200 countries meet in Paris to finalize an international climate agreement. The aim is to limit greenhouse-gas emissions – and the warming those emissions cause – to within a safe range. Decades of global talks have struggled to produce meaningful, unified climate action, but there are reasons to believe this time will be different. Ultimately, what happens in and after Paris – a city still reeling from a violent terrorist act – will shape life on Earth in the 21st century.

If you’re new to the topic, start with our Paris background briefing, and explore our map of national climate pledges. From there you can read the Monitor’s best pre-Paris energy and climate stories and check out recaps of our Path-to-Paris events. For the latest updates, news, and observations, keep tabs on our Paris notebook.

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