Benicia asthma rate well above average – statistics

By Roger Straw, March 27, 2019

Yesterday, Benicia  Mayor Elizabeth Patterson circulated an E-Alert titled “Asthma Rates in Solano County.” She supported claims being made that Benicia asthma rates are high, showing a detailed chart published by the California Department of Public Health.

The Mayor was challenged, evidently, on the accuracy of claims that Benicia asthma rates are at 30%.  Patterson wrote, “Questions are being raised about the asthma rates in Solano.  A quick search to confirm the stated 30% corrects that information below. However, in other studies the rate was listed higher.  Here is the  link.”

Today, Mayor Patterson sent another email clarifying her original source for the 30% figure: a Solano County report, “Asthma Rate by Zip Code.”   That March 2016 report showed “Prevalence of ASTHMA among Solano County adult residents is 2.2X the prevalence among all Californians.  Solano County: 30.1%, California: 14.2%.  Source: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Additional data analysis by CARES. 2011-2012.”

Patterson wrote, “You will see where I got my original 30% rate. Now [2018] the county shows approximately 24% for Benicia and so we are talking about a 6% difference.  The data from the County is based on data from medical facilities.  We have done presentations at the City Council and posted the information with various caveats. County Health is doing a good job and the information is getting updated. But at the end of the day, we have unhealthy air that contributes to asthma, cardio-vascular problems and diabetes.