Benicia Campaigns to Valero: BACK OFF!

By Roger Straw, October 13, 2020

Young, Scott and Diavatis take out ad in Benicia Herald: “It’s Time to Stop.”

Three Benicia candidates, including two who are running for Mayor, stepped forward on Monday publicly asking a Valero funded independent expenditure committee to stop bombarding residents with robocalls, texts, emails, flyers, mailers and Facebook ads.

The Political Action Committee (PAC), which calls itself “Working Families…Supporting Christina Strawbridge,” is anything but a bunch of working families.  It is Big Oil money and other unidentified “Affiliated Entities.”  The 2020 PAC was funded last November by a contribution of $200,000 from “Valero Services, Inc. and Affiliated Entities”,  supposedly located in Benicia.  This year, the committee is promoting Christina Strawbridge for Mayor, but has also engaged in negative campaigning, spreading lies and unflattering images of her opponent, Steve Young.

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