Benicia Independent publishes ARCHIVE of Solano County’s daily COVID report

Daily COVID archive – April 20 to July 24

By Roger Straw, July 25, 2020

Solano County Public Health publishes a daily report beautifully displaying each day’s  Coronavirus data.  But there is no easily available record to show detailed increases in infections, deaths and other data OVER TIME.

I have kept these records since April 20, and will make them available here today.

Note that the PDFs are formatted to fit on a single legal sheet, and are therefore a little hard to read.  They are also not kept current.  If you are familiar with Excel, you would do well to view the spreadsheet, which is updated daily.  (Note that the spreadsheet has 3 tabs: Summary and Cities, 4 Age Groups, and 3 Age Groups.)

Excel spreadsheet
PDF format
>> For daily COVID reports here on the Benicia Independent, see my Coronavirus page.  I have reported daily Monday-Friday around 6pm after Solano County posts its daily Dashboard update.