Benicians for Clean Elections

Join the movement to oppose Valero’s big money effort to control the Benicia City Council

By Roger Straw, September 29, 2022

Smoke from the Valero Benicia refinery during a 2017 incident. Photo: Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

I’ve added my name to a growing group of Benicia residents who are asking Valero to play fair in our elections Benicians For Clean Elections.  Their website is packed with information, and you can get involved here.


For too long, the Texas-based Valero Energy Corporation has used the “Working Families” VALERO PAC to spend massive amounts of money, and often used unfair campaign tactics, to get its preferred City Council and mayoral candidates elected. The PAC has refused to sign on to Benicia’s voluntary campaign pledge that limits how much it can spend and that require certain standards of honesty, decency and fairness in political ads, calls and mailers.  Go to for more information.

We’ve had enough of Valero’s toxic tactics and are taking a stand. Join us by adding your name, getting a yard sign, volunteering, and more at

Benicians for Clean Elections

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