Big refinery explosion, fire happening now in Superior, WI near Duluth, MN

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[Editor: See also ABC News, Duluth: “At least 15 Injuries in Superior Explosion; Fire Still Active”  – RS]

Breaking: Big refinery explosion, fire happening now

From: Donna Lisenby,
Date: Thu, Apr 26, 2018 2:13 pm
To: Everyone

Breaking: There were two explosions a few hours ago and there is currently a very big active fire still burning at the Husky refinery in Superior, Wisconsin near Duluth, MN. This is near the Wisconsin/Minnesota border on Lake Superior. Emergency services have ordered a big evacuation of all people within 10 miles south and 3 miles north, east and west of the refinery.
Bomb trains are sometimes parked on tracks near this refinery. If you know anyone in this area of Minnesota/Wisconsin, please share this live news link and encourage them to evacuate RIGHT NOW. Firefighters are not fighting the fire currently. There is too much danger of additional explosions. There is the potential for mass casualties if people do not heed EVACUATION orders now. You could save a life. Please share this post.


Donna Lisenby
Clean & Safe Energy Campaign Manager
Waterkeeper Alliance



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