California Lawmakers Abandon Key Part Of Climate Legislation – Big Oil wins

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Jerry Brown: Oil lobby gutted climate bill – San Francisco Chronicle
Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders said a well-financed oil industry won a fight over the state’s efforts to pass legislation that would drastically reduce California’s gas consumption. But the feisty governor pledged to keep pushing for climate change policies that reduce the state’s dependence on oil..more..

Big Oil Slick Captures Round 1 of CA Climate Change Drive – Huffington Post
The power of California’s oil refiners is always felt but rarely visible in Sacramento. It was on full display at Wednesday’s press conference when ..more..

California Lawmakers Abandon Key Part Of Climate Legislation, Blaming Oil Industry Lobbying – ThinkProgress
The oil industry has poured money into a campaign against SB 350, calling the legislation the “California Gas Restriction Act of 2015″ and warning that it could ..more..

Oil giants derail California bill to reduce gasoline use by 50% – The Guardian
With only two days left in the legislative session, oil industry successfully rallies for amendment to ambitious environmental bill SB350 ..more..

California Democrats Wanted to Save the World. They Just Caved to Big Oil – Mother Jones
It appears I was a bit too bullish on the prospects for historic new climate legislation in California. Yesterday, Democrats in the state legislature caved to pressure from the powerful oil industry and dropped a critical piece of the bill..more..

California climate change bill: Jerry Brown, Democrats drop oil-reduction target; talks on taxes stall – San Jose Mercury News
With just two days to go before the end of the legislative session, Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders suffered a pair of stunning defeats at the hands of Republicans, oil companies and even some members of their own party..more..