Campaign Finance Question – California Forever Dipping Into Deep Pockets Again

By Roger Straw, June 25, 2024

Quick question: will California Forever be required to report the new medical facility in Rio Vista as a campaign expense? CBS News seems to think so – they headlined the story, “California Forever founder announces planned clinics in bid to win over Solano County voters”.

If, as reported in the Vallejo Times-Herald, this primary care and urgent care clinic is to be “fully operational by the end of 2024,” there will surely be staff time and costs incurred well before the November 5 election. No, Mr. Sramek will contend – it’s purely from the center of our billionaire hearts, and the hopes and dreams of our all-knowing and beneficent minds.

Oh, and not so quick:

  • How about the half-million dollar handouts to Solano non-profits? Campaign expense?
  • How about the staff time and costs of planning for a bazillion dollar everybody-loves-it sports center? Campaign expense?

Same. Sramek: …clearly just a drop in the honey-bucket of our plans to improve your life out there in hick-land.

Thanks Jan, you’re the greatest!

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