COVID-19 – California will exceed 50,000 positive cases and 2,000 deaths today or tomorrow

By Roger Straw, April 30, 2020

California’s COVID-19 Statewide Update page shows a chart plotting the past month’s day-to-day numbers on new confirmed cases and deaths, an excellent resource for understanding where we stand in the midst of the pandemic.  Yesterday’s increase of 1,469 positive cases would suggest that California will exceed the 50,000 mark in cases sometime today or tomorrow.  We will surely top 2,000 deaths today.

Here is from today’s report:

How are COVID-19 cases progressing?

Data as of April 29, 2020 at 11:00 am.

There were 1,469 new confirmed cases Tuesday. The total number of deaths is 1,887, an increase of 78 from Monday.

Other charts show:

  • How COVID-19 cases are progressing in each county
  • Gender and ethnicity of those infected with COVID-19
  • Numbers on the current state of testing
  • Numbers on the current state of hospitalizations
  • Hospitalizations by county

Solano County’s COVID-19 Dashboard gives similar data.