Covid-19 in Solano County – three new cases on Thursday, March 26

UPDATE: See today’s latest information

Solano County update on March 26, 2020

Solano County reported 3 new positive cases today for a total of 34.  Our coronavirus data curve is on a steeper upward trajectory.  Everyone stay home and be safe!

The chart at bottom right, “Cumulative number of confirmed COVID-19 cases…” gives a clear picture of the infection’s trajectory in Solano County.

Also of interest:

  • Differentiation between Total number of cases (34) and Active cases (15).  NOTE THAT active cases yesterday were also 15, thus all 3 of today’s new cases are not active.
  • Total number hospitalized (9 known, 2 more than yesterday)
  • Proportion of hospitalizations due to COVID-19 (coming soon)
  • Total number of deaths (0 as of March 26)
  • Total number of cases by age groups (0-18: 0; 19-64: 22; 65 and older: 12)  1 of today’s 3 new cases is aged 19-24.  2 are 65 and older.
  • Total residents tested today (coming soon)
  • The line chart at top right shows when these cases were tested over the last several weeks, (“Date of specimen collection”).


Solano staff refuses to divulge WHERE in the County the positive cases reside.