Covid-19 in Solano County – yet another one on Saturday, March 21

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Solano County update on March 21, 2020

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Updates and Resources

2019 Novel Coronavirus
**Please note: the situation changes often, and this page will be updated with the latest guidance. Solano Public Health is committed to consistently sharing all relevant information as we learn it.**


Shelter at Home 101 Guide
Guia para el Refugio en Casa

Shelter at Home Health Order and Directive
3-18-20 Orden y Directiva de Salud para El Refugio en Casa 

Frequently Asked Questions
Solano Public Health Coronavirus General FAQ
Salud Publica de Solano Coronavirus Preguntas Frequentes Comunes Coronavirus Disease 2019 Basics (CDC)
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Information from the State (CDPH)

 Number of Positive Cases in Solano County: 14  – Updated daily at 2pm –

Situation Summary
Effective March 18, 2020, Solano County has issued a countywide Shelter at Home Health Order and Directive to continue protecting the health and safety of our community, clarify directive guidance in accordance with the Governor, and ensure consistent compliance across the County with social distancing and self-isolation measures. These mitigation measures are disruptive, but critical to curb the growing number of cases resulting from community spread, particularly given that most those infected show mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.

Solano County Coronavirus Warm Line
Solano County has a warm line to answer questions from the public about COVID-19:
Call 707-784-8988
Hours (subject to change): 7am-6pm Monday-Friday

Community Resources
Here is a list of community resources available for workers, small business owners, and community members in Solano County
For information, updates and resources from the State of California, visit COVID19.CA.GOV
Here is a list of County public services and programs impacted by COVID-19

Current Guidance and Recommendations for the Community
3-19-20 Guidance for Homeless Assistance Providers

3-18-20 Shelter at Home Health Order and Directive
3-18-20 Orden y Directiva de Salud para El Refugio en Casa

3-18-20 Guidance for Childcare Providers

3-17-20 Guidance and Directives from the State of California
These guidance documents include information for:
• Food, beverage and other services
• Self-isolation for older adults and those who have elevated risk
• Adult and senior care facilities
• Community care facilities
• Food industries
• Gatherings
• Homeless assistance providers
• Immigrant communities

How to Protect Yourself
Visit the CDC for information about how to protect yourself from coronavirus
Take these precautions to stop the spread of germs and prevent respiratory illnesses:
• If your work is not considered an essential service, stay home as much as possible
• Practice social distancing measures when outside and maintain 6ft distance between yourself and others
• Wash hands with liquid soap and water and rub for at least 20 seconds;
• Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when coughing or sneezing; and
• Stay home if you are sick

What to Do if You are Feeling Sick
If you develop a fever or have lower respiratory symptoms (cough, fever or shortness of breath), first call your health care provider.
Let the provider know that you are experiencing respiratory illnesses before visiting the doctor’s office or emergency room.

Press Releases
3-18-20 Solano County issues shelter at home health order and directive to clarify social distancing measures
3-18-20 El Condado de Solano presenta una Orden y Directiva de Salud para El Refugio en Casa
3-17-20 Solano County Public Health emphasizes the Governor’s measures to promote social distancing
3-15-20 Additional Solano County case of COVID-19 found at Travis Air Force Base
3-01-20 Alameda and Solano Public Health Departments confirm two cases of COVID-19
2-28-20 CDC confirms additional case of COVID-19 due to travel-associated exposure
2-27-20 County Public Health confirms case of COVID-19 through possible community transmission
1-30-20 County Public Health closely monitors novel coronavirus

COVID-19 Fact Sheets, Posters & Graphics
State of California: COVID-19 Videos & Graphics
CDC What You Need to Know About COVID-19 
(English) | (Spanish)
CDC Stop the Spread of Germs (English) | (Spanish)
CDC Life is Better with Clean Hands (English and Spanish)
CDC What to Do If You Are Sick (English) | (Spanish)
Visitor Sign/Post Outside Facilities serving Vulnerable Populations (English)

Information for Providers
Provider Health Alerts

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Additional Resources
For the latest updates from the CDC, visit
For the latest updates from the White House, visit
For the latest updates from the State of California, visit