COVID-19 Solano County UPDATE – One new death and five new cases on April 23, even fewer tested!

Thursday, April 23: five new cases, one new death, total now 191 cases, 4 deaths

Solano County Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Updates and Resources.  Check out basic information in this screenshot. IMPORTANT: The County’s interactive page has more.  On the County website, you can click on “Number of cases” and then hover over the charts for detailed information.

Yesterday’s report, Wednesday, April 22


Solano County reported 5 NEW POSITIVE CASES today – total is now 191 1 new death, total now at 4.  As of today:


    • No additional positive cases of young persons under 19 years of age, total of 3 cases, less than 2% of total confirmed cases.
    • 4 of the 5 new cases were persons 19-64 years of age, total of 158 cases, 83%, of the total. This group includes today’s new death, total of 2.
    • 3 new cases of persons 65 or older, total of 32 cases, 17% of the total.  No new deaths, total of 2.
    • [We cannot reconcile the County’s report total of 191 cases with their age group breakdown: 3 + 158 + 32 adds up to 193.  Similarly, we cannot reconcile the report total of 5 new cases with the age group day to day increase: 4 + 3 = 7.  Maybe this will get resolved with tomorrow’s report….]

HOSPITALIZATIONS: 49 of Solano’s 191 cases resulted in hospitalizations (1 more than yesterday).

ACTIVE CASES:  Only 17 of the 191 are active cases. This is 4 less than yesterday.  Good news!

The County’s “Hospital Impact” graph (below) shows that only 9 of the 48 hospitalized cases are currently hospitalized, 1 fewer than yesterday.  Note also that only 9 of the 17 active cases are currently hospitalized.  The County’s count of ICU beds available dropped below 30% for the second time today, dropping from GOOD to MODERATE.  Ventilator supply continues at 31-100%, or GOOD.  (No information is given on our supply of test kits, PPE and staff.)


  • Vallejo added 4 of today’s 5 new cases, total of 80.
  • Fairfield remains at 47 cases.
  • Vacaville added 1 of today’s 5 new cases, total of 26.
  • Suisun City remains at 11 cases.
  • Benicia remains at 12 cases.
  • Dixon, Rio Vista and “Unincorporated” are still not assigned numerical data: today all remain at <10 (less than 10).  Residents and city officials have been pressuring County officials for city case counts for many weeks.  Today’s data is welcome, but still incomplete.


The County reports that 2,555 residents have been tested as of today.  This is an increase of only 29 tested since yesterday’s total of 2,555 .  This is not enough testing!  Other California counties are expanding testing with multiple drive-through testing locations.  Is Solano not planning to expand?  Last week, around 150 new tests were reported daily, but the numbers dropped over the weekend and since.  (I have no information as to the reason for the slow pace of testing in Solano County – inadequate supply of kits, perhaps?)  Under 6 tenths of 1% of Solano County’s 447,643 residents (2019) have been tested.

The blue bars in the chart, “Daily number of cases on the date that specimens were collected” shows why the County is interpreting a flattening of the curve.  Note that the daily date in that chart refers to the date a sample was drawn and so reflects the lag time in testing.

Solano’s upward curve in cumulative cases – as of April 23

The chart above shows the infection’s trajectory in Solano County.  It’s too soon to tell, but we may be seeing a flattening of the curve!

Still incredibly important – everyone stay home and be safe!