COVID-19 UPDATE: At least 34 infected residents at nursing facility in Vallejo – number nearly doubles in last 5 days

Number of infected Windsor Vallejo residents increases by 16; infected healthcare workers now at 11

Windsor Vallejo Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Vallejo CA

On April 20, we reported that the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) released a “snapshot” listing of all known skilled nursing facilities reporting COVID-19 among staff or residents.  At that time, the list did not include any facilities in Solano County at that time.

On April 24, the State’s report showed one of nine nursing homes in Solano County that was dealing with the infection: the Windsor Vallejo Nursing and Rehabilitation Center where 18 residents and less than 11 staff tested positive.

As of April 29, the State’s “snapshot” shows 34 residents and 11 staff have tested positive for COVID-19.  [CORRECTION: the number of staff testing positive was later corrected on the State’s snapshot to show <11.  The Vallejo Times-Herald reported that as of April 24, four health care workers were infected. – R.S.]

Windsor Vallejo’s website does an excellent job of sharing extensive information about coronavirus, and includes an easy way for families to schedule Virtual Visits, but does not disclose numbers of positive or active cases.  It leaves unanswered whether any of Solano County’s reported deaths took anyone at their facility.

Statewide nursing home numbers soar over last 5 days

The State’s “24-hour snapshot” on April 29 showed confirmed active cases in 828 skilled health care workers (an increase of 166 over the last 5 days).  The April 29 snapshot showed ​active cases in 2,299 nursing care residents (an increase of 400 over the last 5 days).

The cumulative total of cases in the State as of April 29 were 2,697 nursing home health care workers (plus 368 in 5 days) and  4,711 nursing home residents (plus 1,270 in 5 days).

Cumulative deaths in the State as of April 29 include 11 skilled health care workers (no change) and 663 nursing home residents (an increase of 118 in 5 days).