COVID-19 verse – a rather sad poem

By Roger Straw, Benicia CA, March 27, 2020

Editor – Covering coronavirus these past weeks, I’ve often been startled to think of previously unthinkable implications.  This morning’s news brought firsthand stories of bereaved families who could not be with their loved ones in the ICU as decline set in.  My heart is heavy thinking of so many going through the worst of this pandemic.  – R.S.


A coronavirus death,
Sudden and quick,
Unexpected, viral, wheezingly thorough,
And alone.

A social distance death,
A solo death,
Boxed and caged and tubed
To oblivion.

No distancing the grim reaper.

A family apart,
Set off and away,
A family in tears, light-tears apart,
Love without incarnation,
Loveloss torn asunder.

Are we to hold a Zoom funeral?
A flat-faced, big screen memorial?
Will Facetime be our only solace?

Roger Straw, March 27, 2020