Don’t sign the Benicia recall petition!

Our Benicia School Board is smarter than this group of parents

By Roger Straw, May 5, 2021

A totally unnecessary $300,000 is supposed to help protect our children? Profoundly stupid. The recall is simply an attack on two decent local human beings. Stand up for Sheri Zada and Mark Maselli – DON’T SIGN THE PETITION!

Those pushing the recall have one purpose: to fully open our schools to in-person learning. And it seems they don’t realize that the full BUSD School Board is on track with making that happen as soon as it is safe. Right now we have a hybrid situation, with a close eye on state and local COVID conditions.

COVID case rates among children and youth are up in Solano County. Benicia saw 72 new positive cases among all ages during April. I don’t want our kids back to school full time yet, passing their mild cases around and bringing it back home to mom, dad, grandma and grandpa.

Mild cases are NOT ok – see “Benicia Doc: People with mild covid-19 can have long-term health problems”