Fairfield resident Grant Kreinberg: District 2 Supervisor Candidate Rochelle Sherlock is responsive, proactive, and committed

District 2 Supervisor Candidate Rochelle Sherlock (third person from right). | SherlockforSupervisor.com.

By Grant Kreinberg, February 21, 2024

This year, it’s crucial for residents of Solano County’s District 2 to shift their focus beyond the presidential race and consider the pivotal Board of Supervisor seat. Incumbent Monica Brown, has displayed a concerning lack of attention to the residents’ issues, including fire protection.

Solano County is currently under a severe fire threat, comparable to the devastating 2020 LNU Complex fire, the state’s second-largest at the time. Despite urgent warnings from local and state officials, Supervisor Brown has seemingly turned a blind eye to these concerns. Fire officials have repeatedly reached out to her, inviting her to meetings and seeking her support to improve the county’s fire districts, but she has consistently ignored these calls for assistance.

Solano County deserves better leadership, and Rochelle Sherlock is the answer.

I first encountered Rochelle Sherlock in 2019 when she was actively working to gain support for the “Green Valley Fire Safe Council.” Through public education, fuel reduction strategies, and mobilizing resident volunteers, the Green Valley Fire Safe Council has made significant progress in reducing the risk of wildland fires.

In 2022, Rochelle successfully secured a nearly $1 million grant from Cal Fire for fuel reduction. This grant enabled the creation of a substantial “shaded fuel break,” a critical measure to disrupt approaching wildfires. The project’s first phase was completed in spring 2023, showcasing Rochelle’s effectiveness.

Rochelle’s leadership extends beyond securing grants; she actively collaborates with local fire authorities and other stakeholders. The council, under her guidance, has applied for and received additional CAL FIRE grants, initiating the second phase of their project. The goal is comprehensive protection for upper Green Valley, and the adjacent area of Cordelia.

As March 5 approaches, the choice for District 2 is clear. Instead of retaining a supervisor uninterested in broader community concerns, it’s time to vote  in Rochelle Sherlock as the next supervisor. The county needs a leader who is responsive, proactive, and committed to the well-being of all residents.

Grant Kreinberg
Fairfield, CA