First person account of troubled quarantine at Travis Air Force Base

Two Crockett residents were on the cruise ship, now quarantined at Travis, can’t get tested

Here is a first-person account of bureaucratic delays and health care failures from Salli Spoon, who is quarantined at Travis AFB and wrote to Donald Zampa:

SALLI SPOON of Crocket CA, now at Travis AFB:

“I and my fellow quarantined passengers need your help.

All of us have been exposed to coronavirus. We are in federal custody at the Travis Air Force base. We have yet to be tested for coronavirus. We were first told we would be tested before we disembarked. We were not. Then we were told we would be tested upon our arrival at Travis. We were not tested. Yesterday morning I asked when we would be tested. I was told that we would be tested only if we requested testing. I requested testing. Yesterday evening, I asked when I would be tested, per my request. I was told I would be assigned a “case worker” in two or three days. This person would answer all my questions.

In the meantime, a Canadian from the Grand Princess was tested when this person arrived in Toronto. This person tested positive.

Our population at Travis is older and, many, have underlying health issues. Testing would let us know if there are any active cases and would establish a baseline to work from. This would let the government know that when they release us that we would not be carrying the virus into the general population.

Please, wherever you live, call you Senators and congresspeople let them know what is going on here. Please ask them to put pressure on get more testing kits;

Thank you for your help.”

[Mr. Zampa has sent this to Congressman Mike Thompson]