FORT MCMURRAY: Latest on the Alberta wildfires and tar sands mining

By Roger Straw, April 8, 2016

I’ve had my eyes on Alberta Canada since June of 2013, when I first learned about the terrible destruction of pristine boreal forests and native communities in Alberta caused by the mining of tar-sands for crude oil production. Those operations are concentrated in the Fort McMurray area, so my interest and concern peaked recently when reports surfaced about the massive wildfires there.

Most, but not all of the mining operations are north of Fort McMurray, and most, but not all of the worst fires are in and to the south of Fort McMurray.  But the fires and the oil mines are intimately linked.  Here’s are several of the latest reports (thanks to Google):

Fort McMurray fire has been raging for over a week

CBC.ca6 hours ago
It’s been one week since the fire known as “the beast” reared it’s ugly head. The wildfire outside of Fort McMurray, once measured in football fields, now sits at …

Fort McMurray Fire Could Last Months: Officials

Huffington Post Canada17 hours ago

Man watches on CCTV as Fort McMurray fire devastates his home …

Yahoo7 News17 hours ago

Wildfire at Fort McMurray quickly overtakes Canada’s environmental …

In-DepthLos Angeles Times5 hours ago

Fire continues to grow, expected to reach Saskatchewan border

InternationalThe Globe and Mail2 hours ago

Fort McMurray Wildfire: Evacuees Relocated as ‘Absolutely Vicious …

In-DepthNBCNews.com22 hours ago

Fires in Canada’s Oil-Sands Region Grow

Wall Street Journal20 hours ago
More than 500 firefighters, 15 helicopters and 14 air tankers are trying to put out the fires in Fort McMurray, which grew by nearly 50% in the past day to now …

Canada Fire Disrupts, But Doesn’t Destroy, Oil Production

teleSUR English9 hours ago

Emergency teams enter evacuated Fort McMurray to rescue the pets …

The Independent1 hour ago

Disasters highlight the need for climate action

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette11 hours ago

A dire warning

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel5 hours ago

The ties that bind Canada together visible in Fort Mac

InternationalThe Guardian Charlottetown21 hours ago