High Hazardous Flammable train placards to watch for

By Roger Straw, June 21, 2016

High Hazardous Flammable train placards to watch for

Following the latest derailment in Mosier OR, I became even more curious to know exactly what hazardous material is in a passing oil train or truck.  Taken from my LINKS page, here’s a brief summary of the most common placards:


Crude oil carries the number 1267 on the placard, and ethanol can be 1203, 3475, 1987 or 1170, depending whether it is mixed with gasoline and it’s purity.

Crude oil:

Placard 1267 Crude Oil


Here’s a  downloadable card you can print and carry with you (and a larger version of the card).

For a COMPLETE LISTING of placard identification symbols and numbers, see the 2016 DOT Emergency Response Guidebook. (be patient – 4.8MB, large download)


Placards 1203, 3475, 1987, 1170 - Ethanol

Placard 1203 – Basically gasoline, a blended fuel with up to 10% ethanol.
Placard 3475 – blended fuel with 11% to 94% ethanol.
Placard 1987 – Denatured fuel ethanol, 95% to 99% ethanol .
Placard 1170 – Neat ethanol, 100%.