In defense of the Benicia Independent

By Roger Straw, November 3, 2018
Roger Straw, The Benicia Independent

At the risk of detracting from important election issues, I will take just a moment to point out a few facts:

  • The Benicia Independent is a personal blog with my own take on local, national and international concerns of my choosing.
  • The Benicia Independent is not and does not present itself as a mainstream news media with “balanced” coverage and a staff of reporters who interview and investigate.  In my blog postings I hold to ethical standards, citing my sources and maintaining truthfulness and courtesy.
  • Unlike many personal blogs, the Benicia Independent does post legitimate breaking news stories.  This function is increasingly important given the cutbacks in staffing and coverage at our two local newspapers.
  • The Benicia Independent is not a social media forum like Facebook, Nextdoor or Benicia Happenings.  The care and feeding of commenters is beyond my reserves of time and energy.

The Benicia Independent was criticized recently by one of the candidates for City Council at a public forum.  That candidate is no doubt miffed by the relative lack of attention he has received on the Benicia Independent.  That lack of coverage is intentional.  His last-minute, eccentric, unfunded and poorly supported campaign will only draw votes away from more qualified and widely supported candidates.

Roger Straw