List of 13 links: recent widespread criticism of the new DOT rail safety rules

By Roger Straw, Editor, The Benicia Independent, May 29, 2015

It’s been a month now, and the hot news cycle has cooled off some on the U.S. Department of Transportation’s May 1 announcement of new safety rules governing rail transport of hazardous materials.

A recent local news story detailed the DOT rules without even mentioning the widespread criticisms of the new regulations.  The rules have come under heavy fire from legislators, health professionals, firefighters, emergency responders, environmentalists and communities where these trains are already running – and sometimes derailing.

What follows is a handy list of stories carried previously here on the Benicia Independent, all highly doubtful that the new safety regulations will bring a timely end to the horrific crashes and explosions we’ve seen in recent months and years.

  1. NY Times: U.S. Sets New Rules for Oil Trains – Sen. Schumer: DOT gave railroads too much time to remove unsafe cars
  2. New oil-train safety rules will put public back in the dark
  3. New rules for crude-by-rail transport fall short
  4. Senator Cantwell: “The new DOT rule is just like saying let the oil trains roll. It does nothing…”
  5. Expert comments on new DOT rules – Dr. Fred Millar
  6. New rules for rail tankers face years of debate, delay
  7. ForestEthics: Oil Trains Too Fast, New Safety Rules Too Slow
  8. 300 doctors call for denial of oil terminal permits
  9. New rules on oil trains draw flak from firefighters, too
  10. Groups Sue Obama Administration Over Weak Tank Car Standards
  11. NYU Institute for Policy Integrity: New oil train safety rules spell delay, leaving citizens at risk
  12. Riverkeeper sues U.S. DOT over oil train safety rules
  13. Benicia Herald covers Valero environmental delay

On a more encouraging note, see Responding to criticism, Feds won’t weaken oil-train public disclosure rules .