Lynn Goldfarb: A simple climate solution

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[Editor: the REMI report referenced here is excellent, but lengthy.  Here is a 4-page summary.  – RS]

A simple climate solution

By Lynn Goldfarb, 02/13/15

I agree with John Derrig’s letter of Feb. 10, saying we need to stop burning fossil fuels: “Leave it in the ground, OK?” This is what the world’s best climate scientists are telling us we must do to avoid “catastrophic” climate change (IPCC). But how, exactly, do we make a fast, smooth transition to clean energy?

There’s a simple, realistic solution to global warming, which will also be good for our economy: A win-win. Most major economists support it, including eight Nobel Prize winners.

It uses conservative, free-market principles, not government regulations, and it’s revenue-neutral. It won’t hurt consumers or taxpayers.

We can put an increasing carbon pollution fee on all fossil fuels, that’s returned, 100 percent, to every American, every month in equal amounts. As fossil fuels become increasingly more expensive than clean energy, people will use their carbon fee rebate to buy renewables. Middle-class and lower-income Americans will come out ahead financially.

And recent REMI report projects this would create 2.8 million U.S. jobs and increase GDP $75-80 billion annually.

It’s worked in British Columbia for six years. The Economist has pronounced it “A success” (“The Evidence Mounts” July 31. 2014).

The United States can tax imports from China and other carbon polluters to make them cut emissions. Return that import tax money to all Americans, and we can afford products made in the United States.

Watch YouTube’s “Fix Climate in Two Minutes for Free,” “Climate Solutions Citizens Climate Lobby” and “Decarbonization Takes The Fast Lane” Then go to the Citizens Climate Lobby website for more information.

Lynn Goldfarb/Northglenn, Colo.