Montreal Gazette: Lac-Mégantic, One Year Later

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[Editor: The Montreal Gazette offers a special section to mark the anniversary of the catastrophic crude by rail explosion in Canada, including a variety of intensely probing and sobering stories.  The LEAST we can do is respectfully remember – for MORE, we must take action in our own communities.  – RS]

Lac Megantic

Names etched in granite and in their hearts

Visitors read a monument to Lac-Mégantic’s 47 train disaster victims outside the Ste-Agnès church in the town, Sunday, July , 2014, after a mass to mark the first anniversary of the tragedy.  The mass was done as part of weekend activities to commemorate the accident.

The 12-foot slab of granite was ordered from a quarry in Asia, shortly after last summer’s disaster, and only after the families of the 47 dead in the tragedy had agreed: a monument should be erected.


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