Pittsburg City Council re-opens public comment on WesPac EIR

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Congrats, Pittsburg – a HUGE WIN! City to re-open public comment on the EIR!

February 18, 2014

At tonight’s City Council meeting, City Manager Joe Sbranti announced that today the City of Pittsburg sent a letter to WesPac saying that they plan to re-open public comment on portions of the EIR (Environmental Impact Report).

What this means is that, as Mayor Sal Evola put it, “the ball is in WesPac’s court”. They may choose not to proceed further with the project, which would be the best course of action for everyone. If they don’t, we’ll have more opportunity to get our objections on the record, and the project will be delayed by a few months, perhaps up to a year. And of course there are elections this year….

We will keep on pushing until we kill this project once and for all, but for now, raise your glass to yourself, Pittsburg, California! This is a major win!

And thank you to the City Council and City Manager for this decision – you did the right thing!

The letter as a PDF

As text

City of Pittsburg 65 Civic Avenue • Pittsburg, California 94565

February 18, 2014

Art Diefenbach WesPac Energy 2355 Main Street, Suite # 210 Irvine, CA 92614

RE: WesPac Project Status, Review of Recirculated Draft EIR Comments

Dear Mr. Diefenbach:

The public comment period for the Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report (RDEIR) closed on September 13, 2013.  Based upon the comments received to date, City staff anticipates the addition of information to one or more sections of the RDEIR.  In light of this, and in order to afford the public additional opportunity for review and comment, the City plans to open a new public review and comment period for the applicable portions of the RDEIR.

The City, as the lead agency for CEQA compliance on the WesPac project, is committed to protecting the community and in prioritizing safety.  Therefore, ensuring a complete and comprehensive environmental review for the proposed project is of utmost importance.  Accordingly, City staff will want to meet with you to discuss the appropriate next steps.  Kristi Pollot, the City’s lead planner on this project, will contact you this week to discuss further.



Joe Sbranti City Manager

cc:     City Council Planning Commission City Attorney Planning Department