Power Up for Pride: Donate All May for Give Out Day, Help Solano Pride Center Reach New Heights

BenIndy Editorial, May 13, 2024

Solano Pride Center is a part of the LGBTQ+ Community’s Give Out Day! They need your help in raising funds this whole month, and to compete with other LGBTQ+ Centers around the country to receive even more.

Through now until May 30th, contributions in support of Solano’s LGBTQ+ community can be directed through its Give Out Day fundraising page. Your donations will significantly benefit its life-affirming work in our county, which empowers and advocates for the LGBTQ+ community in Solano. Since its inception in 2013, Horizon Foundation’s Give Out Day has rallied donations for hundreds of LGBTQ+-serving nonprofits and it’s time to show our support.

Solano Pride Center has a goal of raising $12,000 before May 30. Your donations through May would not only provide direct financial support, but also help these organizations compete for additional Leaderboard prizes, multiplying the impact of every dollar contributed​ (Give Out Day)​.

Solano Pride Center’s mission to create safe and nurturing environments for LGBTQ+ individuals through a variety of programs, including advocacy, education, and support services, impacts not just queer individuals and communities, but the broader Solano community.  Every donation made to Solano Pride Center through Give Out Day helps sustain and expand its vital initiatives, enabling it to reach even more individuals.

Don’t miss the opportunity to contribute during this essential giving event; your generosity can change lives​.

Pride Month is almost here! What can you give this month to help Solano Pride Center reach its goal?  Who can you invite to join us all in giving to help it receive more in the “co-opetition” with other centers around the country?

Clicking the “Donate” button above will redirect you to Solano Pride Center’s Give Out Day page, where you can make a donation. Spread the word!

The Solano Pride Center’s website is under construction but you can visit the page and scroll down to view e-blasts and other helpful information about upcoming events, including Suisun City’s PRIDE EVENT on June 2, from 12 to 5pm, in Harbor Plaza (downtown Suisun).

Disclaimer: The Benicia Independent is not affiliated with Solano Pride Center nor was it asked to promote this giving event. We simply think they are doing really cool stuff and deserve local support.