Quick COVID update as of May 26

By Roger Straw, Monday, May 26, 2022

Solano County reports 2,262 new COVID infections since May 16, nearly 150 per day.  Benicia has experienced 114 new COVID infections since May 16, more than 7 per day.

It was a real slog hanging in there with my COVID reports for so long.  On May 25, I reported an end to my regular pandemic reports and a renewed focus on issues of deep and abiding concern, including anti-racism, gun control, democratic principles, gender justice and LBGTQ rights, women’s health, peace, freedom and anti-fascism.   Whoa, rather a daunting agenda….

I was pretty sure going into my 3rd year of COVID reporting that few were paying any attention to my posts, anyway – important as they might’ve been.

Today I checked in on the County’s COVID dashboard.  There have been:

    • 2,250 new cases countywide since my last report 16 days ago (141 each day), and 1
    • 14 new cases in Benicia (more than 7 per day).
    • No new deaths, thank goodness.
    • But 22 have been hospitalized since May 12.
    • The County Health Department (despite its very conservative stance, to put it mildly) reports 1,994 ACTIVE CASES at last report (May 26).

On a personal level, the number of my own friends and family reporting COVID positive has noticeably increased.

The bad bug is still around and still surging, even though – and clearly because of –relaxed restrictions and people going all over the place maskless.


As Bay Area cases swell again, it’s ‘very hard right now to avoid getting COVID’
San Francisco Chronicle, May 31, 2022

COVID Cases, Hospitalizations Rising in Bay Area
NBC Bay Area, May 31, 2022

HOW DOES TODAY’S REPORT COMPARE?  See archived reports and others going back to April 20, 2020 in my ARCHIVE of daily Solano COVID updates (an excel spreadsheet).

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>The data on this page is from the Solano County COVID-19 Dashboard.  The Dashboard is full of much more information and is updated Monday and Thursday between 4 and 6pm.  On the County’s dashboard, you can hover a mouse or click on an item for more information.  Note the tabs at top for “Summary, Demographics” and “Vaccines.”  Click here to go to today’s Solano County Dashboard.

I have also archived the hundreds of full CORONAVIRUS REPORTS posted here on the Benicia Independent April 2020 – May 16, 2022.