Richmond California to Chevron’s $3 million campaign, loud and clear: NO THANKS!

[Editor: After Election Day on Nov. 4 , local and national news media covered the incredible David and Goliath story out of Richmond, California.  I will link to several here.  My favorite was the Rachel Maddow story about Richmond’s new Mayor, Tom Butt.  Apologies for the video’s commercial ad.  – RS]

Small victories, silver linings seen in lopsided election

Voters Reject Oil Titan Chevron, Elect Progressive Bloc in Richmond, California
Tom Butt elected mayor and slate of progressive candidates all win city council seats after grim battle with corporate power  [MORE]

Anti-Chevron candidates sweep to victory in Richmond races
In a race that received national attention thanks to big money from Chevron, a slate of candidates on shoestring budgets swept their oil titan-backed opponents on Tuesday night in a resounding political defeat for the company and its campaign tactics.   [MORE]

Big Oil’s “Air War” Fails to Sink Richmond Progressives
Election day, 2014, was not ending well for Nat Bates, a mayoral candidate in this largely non-white city of 100,000 long dominated by Chevron.  [MORE]

Corporate Triumphs, Progressive Victories and the Roadmap for a Democratic Revival
Tuesday’s Republican wave of election victories did not reflect public opinion or the public mood….One of the most significant victories occurred in Richmond, California, where progressives defeated a slate funded by Chevron, the nation’s third largest corporation, which poured at least $3 million (about $150 for each likely voter) into this municipal election in this working class Bay Area city of 105,000 people.  [MORE] Two more stories on Sanders: Stand Up to Corporations Like Chevron” and “Chevron’s ‘Company Town’ Fights Back: An Interview with Gayle McLaughlin