Revealing comparison of two views of Solano County’s COVID-19 case chart – Feb 24 to June 19

Coronavirus cases in Solano County are spiking!

By Roger Straw, June 22, 2020
[NOTE: Wouldn’t you know… while I was creating this post, Solano County posted today’s dashboard with a completely new design.  The new design lacks the old “Cumulative Number” chart I’m showing below.  They replaced it with a “Seven day moving average” chart, also very interesting.  The old charts are still VERY interesting and informative – read on, but note that you can no longer hover and click on this chart at the County dashboard….  – R.S.]

Here’s the “Cumulative Number” chart that shows every day on the Solano County COVID-19 Dashboard.  Looks pretty smooth.

Check out how this same chart looks if you click on the little “full screen button” to expand the x-axis to a more revealing proportion.  (Click either image above for a larger display.


Better yet, go to the County Dashboard, hover over the chart and then click in the upper right corner of the chart on the little “full sreen button”.)